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  • andy55q andy55q Sep 21, 2011 9:20 PM Flag

    MC5-A Market Estimate

    Due to limited clinician experience, the market for the MC5-A is not yet well characterized. But market estimates
    based on available data suggest substantial potential demand for CTTC’s pain therapy device. Patient population
    estimates by the Neuropathic Pain Network, MediZine and the American Cancer Society point to a combined US
    neuropathic and oncologic pain patient population of almost 8 million; we would estimate the worldwide figure at
    twice that number. Discounting the estimated global total by 25% to account for an overlap between neuropathic
    and oncologic pain patients, the estimated market would be around 12 million worldwide.
    We estimate that around 20% of that market, roughly 2.4 million patients, would be unresponsive to existing
    pharmaceutical and device therapies, i.e., the target market for the MC5-A. Treatment protocols published so far
    show once-daily treatments for around 10 days, with treatments repeated as needed to sustain pain relief. With
    four courses of treatment per year, an MC5-A patient would be treated 40 times. With each treatment requiring
    30 to 45 minutes, a fully utilized MC5-A would experience throughput of around 100 patients per year.
    At that rate, treating 2.4 million patients a year would require almost 24,000 MC5-As, an installed based, valued
    at average (of US and overseas sales) net selling prices, representing $465 million in revenue to CTTC. If the
    company penetrated that installed base estimate at the rate of only 2% per year, or less than 500 units annually,
    CTTC would earn roughly $9.5 million in revenue, more than enough to drive strong profitability.

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