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  • briangreen31 briangreen31 Oct 11, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    Confession of internet access theft


    Friday, October 07, 2011 1:27:16 PM
    Re: mog1962 post# 5981

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    ..."I believe that all of this discussion regarding the lawsuit including blow-by-blow details as to service of a subpoena, etc. are not very productive..."????...ESPECIALLY when you consider they aren't even suing the right guy!...HAW!!!...although they have ticked me off since they clued the good doc into recognizing that his wifi was unprotected and forced me to go find another free access point!...and where am I today?...Brazil?...hmmmm...maybe Portugal?...danged annoying!...and for a couple of days there just played heck with my porn downloading!...HAW!!!...

    It's all so clear now.

    You create an alias (multiple aliases, in fact) of RRTxxxxxx

    You steal internet access from Raymond R. Taylor (RRT) of 1618 Polo Club Court, Louisville KY 40245

    And then you claim that the subpoena was served to the wrong person.

    How about the Louisville KY district attorney gets involved for admitted larceny of internet access?
    How about Raymond R Taylor sues you for theft and for framing him for tortious interference?

    You are amusing, if nothing else....

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    • Yep, identity theft, illegal access to network, trespassing, etc. The charges against this clown keep adding up. al_free_wifi.htm

      Ray's story is so full of bull it's incredible. If he was using the wifi of 1618 Polo Club Ct, that must mean he is close enough to that signal to use it. So he is either a neighbor or he's sitting outside of his house in a van which is highly doubtful. Methinks ol' Ray is full of bull and they nailed him - thus the days of silence after the delivery of the subpoena. They do record IP addresses for all of these comments so he is easily tracked down - even if he is using a wifi.

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      • ..."so he is easily tracked down..."????...HAW!!!...where am I coming from today?...hint -- oh, Danny boy! la - la la...HAW!...

        ...why don't you'all talk about something interesting like whether CTT has given Nano his dough or not...or whether they've dropped the suit against the AA -- don't wanna overwork CTT's lawyer now, do you?...HAW!!!...

        ...what I find most amusing about that lawsuit myself is that in the almost TWO YEARS I've been posting about CTT, not ONCE have they complained about anything I least not to me directly...not via email...not via yahoo messenger...not on any forums...not ONCE have they attempted to contradict or rebut ANYTHING I've said...

        ...but NOW it seems they want to throw down and get nasty...what's so special about now?...hmmmmm...aren't earnings about due?...awwwww, you don't think they're planning to try and blame lil'ol me for any earnings disappointment? ya?...

        ...goodness knows that factoring deal with Versant kinda makes it look like maybe they're hard up for some cash...whad'ya think?...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

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