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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Feb 24, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

    HAW!!!..."I cringed when I read it."...

    ...over on ihub, "southerngal" posted:

    "I sent an inquiry to CTTC IR in which I asked for the definition of an artificial neuron.

    Below is IR's response.

    BTW, I cringed when I read it.

    Here is the way is was explained to me:

    Artificial neuron is a synthesized nerve impulse or action potential. This is what is created by the scrambler (Calmare). A series of synthetic action potentials carrying the "non-pain" message which is recognized by the brain. These are all transmitted via C-fbers(sic) which are the slow fibers for carrying information.

    Hope it is helpful to you,
    Jean Wilczynski
    IR Services/Competitive Technologies

    ...why, clear as mud, Jean!...HAW!...can't blame anybody for cringing after reading something like that!...

    ...but in his last paper, at least Marineo finally figured out that if he stimulates a c-fiber, then the c-fiber ultimately stimulates a portion of the the brain that only knows how to say, "Ouch! Something HURTS!"...

    ...poor ol'Joe seems to have had the notion that nerves were like little telephone wires and that he could just dial in 1-800-NO-PAIN and everything would just suddenly feel better...too bad it's just a tad more complicated...

    ...and JUST IN CASE anyone thinks I'm fibbing in my quote, here's a LINK so ANYONE can check to make sure I'm not:

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