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  • favela808 favela808 Jul 24, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    Calmare patient Experience

    F-D-A Cleared Non-Invasive Pain Treatment Arrives In Illinois
    Posted by Michael Breen M.D., July 18, 2013 at 04:21 pm

    Gracie Bagosy’s condition is so painful, the highest cause of death is suicide.

    Yet after three years of narcotics, other drugs, and occupational therapy, her pain was finally controlled by a new non-invasive, painless, totally safe treatment. That treatment, currently under investigation at the Mayo Clinic and University of Wisconsin, has now reached Illinois.

    “When I came to Illinois for this treatment, I thought it was a hoax,” says Ms. Bagosy. “Yet I knew almost instantly it was working.”

    “This has the potential to be the first-line medical treatment for chronic pain conditions affecting millions of sufferers,” says Mitchell Weisberg M.D. The internist and psychopharmacologist is Medical Director of Spero Pain Relief Therapy of Illinois in Riverwoods.

    Ms. Bagosy’s pain started in 2010 during a routine pre-surgical nerve block. Her anesthesiologist was inserting a needle in her right shoulder when “I suddenly felt a peculiar sensation. Imagine the cavity of your arm is on fire, but at the same time someone is putting dry ice on your skin. The slightest touch, even a breeze, made the pain worse.”

    The 39-year-old Iowan’s symptoms were classic for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). CRPS is caused by an aberrant response to nerve injury that causes constant inflammation of the nerve. Ms. Bagosy lived with the pain for three years. An interventional pain procedure was ineffective. Narcotics were also useless and caused so many side effects one day she simply threw them in the garbage. She says, “For a long time I thought nothing could take away the pain of this disease. Nothing.”

    But Ms. Bagosy refused to face a lifetime of pain...and the risk of suicide “I’ve never backed away from a battle,” she says. “I knew I had to find an answer.”

    Then last year Ms. Bagosy learned about a new treatment called Calmare on the web. Itali

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    • Ah, yes, there's Gracie...yet AGAIN?

      Is she the ONLY patient ever treated by "Spero of Illinois"?

      One would think so given the way they have paraded her around the past 4-5 months.

      In any case, I have previously discussed "Gracie Bagosy" -- aka "Gracie Gean" aka "Gracie Hessong" aka "Gracie Fondell" aka "Gracie Romer."

      My goodness! But what that woman doesn't get around!

      In any case, I pointed out it was suspicious that Gracie's NINE posts on spero/illinois' facebook page were the ONLY ones from an ALLEGED patient.

      I also pointed out that "joeygiggles" interviewed Norman Black (aka "spero of illinois") and "Gracie Hessong" about her remarkable success with calmare therapy.

      Then, only a couple of months later, Mr. "Giggles" interviewed "Gracie Gean" about RSD pain and she apparently totally forgot ever having seen Norman or ever having had calmare treatment!

      And now we have "Gracie Bagosy"!!

      How convenient! Why, it's like having a a half dozen patients in one!!!

      Is there some reason she uses different names as the occasions arise?

      Does she have some sort of "multiple personality" disorder or something?

      I bet filing her insurance claims gets complicated!

      Oh, wait! I forgot -- insurance doesn't cover calmare treatment, does it?

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