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  • chart2001 chart2001 Jan 11, 1999 3:32 PM Flag

    4 million Americans have hep c

    But only 200,000 in ten years will be full blown needing icn's
    drug. 3 million after ten years will have ZERO signs.NOT THAT

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    • I'm not sure what tantum means since I have never
      come across in any federal, state, county or city
      motto (although it seems you made noun of the phrase
      "tanta" meaning "so much"). Or it could be a
      miss-spelling of "tantalus" meaning "tease". "ergo" means
      "thus". So upon first inspection without applying context
      ( you are talking about chart2001 here, are'nt
      you?) you said "The Tease Thus". This makes as much
      sense as Chart2001's posts so it must be wrong. When I
      factor in context and chart2001's ego I come up with
      "tanta ego" meaning "so much ego" makes your hair grow.

      chart2001, I have accomplished my goal. You lost your temper
      first. My life is now complete. I can go to my grave
      knowing that our benevolent (and weathy I might add) King
      Robin Hood is human after all. The pedestal you reside
      is as crumbled as your credability. You are mistaken
      about my weight however. I am not the Fat Man at the
      circus. I'm the albino bearded lady and come from a long
      line geeks and freaks. The circus is in my blood
      (that's why I can recognize a clown so easily). As for my
      latin let me assure your limited IQ that it was never
      meant for you.

      Chazzwagon, I defer to your
      insight. chart2001 was an easy target. He is henceforth
      "persona non grata" or one that is not

      Kindest regards


    • Yes, a bit of a joke. Just saying that the lawyers in the arbitration will get paid even if they dont get more royalties for BGEN.


    • Client: What is your fee for two questions?
      Lawyer: $500. What was your second question?

    • Especially number 5.!

      Tantum Ergo Makes Your Hair Grow (Sal, Please help w/ the translation, I leaned it from Chart 2001!)

    • <<3. Lawyers are make money for themselves even if they lose.>>
      ij, please elucidate?

    • Thanks Arusin for the very interesting

      Several points:

      1. Lawyers are creative.

      Who else would think to argue that SGP did some price
      shifting to increase the price of ribavirin so that it
      would not have to pay royalties to BGEN.

      Lawyers are make money for themselves even if they

      4. BGEN will get no where despite the creativity of
      its lawyers since SGP is charging the same amount for
      Intron A included in Rebetron as it does in mono therapy
      for other indications.

      5. Lawyers are still

      ij (I admit I am one.)

    • some goon in the Bloomberg expose. Why did Biogen not discover this "simple pill?"

    • Chazz, the reason we reply to Chart, in an
      otherwise dry time of news, is typically one of two

      1. It is actually quite entertaining to see who can
      word the most elegant or comical rebuttal of anything
      he says.

      2. There is always the outside
      chance that a newcomer may think that he has some merit
      and take unwarranted action.

      I typically
      perfer the number one affect of which SLovinello is
      virtually without equal. IJFrankel on the other hand is far
      more serious (though in a kindly way) being a lawyer,
      and so he approaches Chart from the #2 perspective.
      In either case, it is more enjoyable than staring at
      the same old posts day after day.


    • he doesn't know the difference between "their" and "there."

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