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  • buckfarmer777 buckfarmer777 Mar 24, 2011 9:26 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha today

    Giving up 2.5% is better than many other options they could have chosen like other biotechs have..... :)

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    • I agree 100% , but it should have been pointed out in the article.

      This guy isn't a journalist, but he does have an interest in Titan. I just think it would give the article more credibility if he pointed out some of the possible negatives. The positives far outweigh the negatives, but including them would probably lead those not familiar with Titan to see the article as less biased and therefore more likely to be an accurate portrayal of Titan and where it stands today.

      That said, I thought it was a great article and I appreciate whoever wrote it.

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      • I agree. I simply like the DD and the publicity this company deserves as well as needs. It'll be interesting to see what happens between now and the trial completion. Any thoughts??

      • this loan will be paid off via a $20 million loan it announced on March 16th from Deerfield Management with better terms of 8.5% annually along with Titan’s agreement to issue six year warrants to purchase six

        does every one see the word loan,, that neans ttp has a loan,, yiori and novie kept referring to it as a line of cridit,, mind u, u say whats the difference,, well if ttp had a line of cridit and they only hit it for 8 million that 8 million at that point would be where the acurred interest is,, thats a big deal,
        i said all along its a loan,, novie who is suppose to be a CPA didnt pick up on what i was even referring to, how can a cpa not draw the assupyion as to what i am saying,i know why cause there isnt no way this guy is a cpa,,

        these type mistakaes along with not knowing the general formal of sdealling with a loan shark tells me his total imexperience,, i ve been on the trading side of this 100% correct until i cjoose to try to crush the bottom sendiong the bid lower at 1.53 ,, why shouldd i even had tried ttp did it for me,, i will learn from that mistake ,, trust me,, these people who claim to know something read a article from bealte,, his opinion is the same exact message i ve been giving for 2 yrs now,, and it wasnt popular nor accepted,, and io know my tone is degrading to most,,i dont care,,if u listened u been happy trading this stagnant turd,,i am in a no-loss position,, i ve cashed out for 225k to buy a house ,, now i am playin again and up over 100% since june,,

    • buck do u go intoa bank asking for a loan and come out with30% less revenue answer is no,, ewhat ttp should have done (IF THEY COULD) WAS WAIT, wait till news comes out,,banking the royalty then use the n=known value of the whole roaylty plus the bank account what ever was put into it,, as100% collateral not giving anything away,,

      what i am saying if one cant extrapolate this is,, ttp made this LOAN( NOT LINE OF CREDIT) !! LOAN TOO EARLY,, again ttp gave away thier leverage,, plus shareholder value

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