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  • druggy25 druggy25 Feb 15, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    Thank G0d for the Bio Conference

    otherwise we'd be at $1.29 now.

    Holding strong at $1.30!

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    • over 10,000 at avg. of .47
      have not even looked at this in over a year. was sure then as I am now. They will get job done. If you look at this day to day it will make you crazy. buy hold sell after deal. Easy win. Or watch everyday and end up selling. your loss. Suckers all of you easy $$$$ too be had here

    • I think the lady protests too much.

      I wrote a short, and what I thought was, a consise post which I would convey that TTNP was languishing not doomed.

      The fact that you jumped all over that little post, I believe, shows that you may be a teeeeny bit frustrated yourself.

      Cheer up I still believe in Titan but at times I, like anyone else, can feel down in the dumps.

      No harm no foul. GLTA

    • "they don't buy on the open market"

      are you suggesting that a dilutive financing (private placement) was Sunil's mission?

      I feel much better now.

    • You're only somewhat correct. The intrinsic value of a stock is not the price at which it trades. The intrinsic value of TTNP is much higher than the current PPS. The real question is whether you buy at a discount or premium to when the intrinsic value is realized in the market.

    • It obviously is too complex for me. Thanks for trying though!

      It is what it is. Agree to disagree.

    • Shareholder value is created by increasing the share price.

      All biotechs advance drugs in their pipeline each year.

      When the value in your portfolio decreases, value has not been created it has diminished. Is that too complex for you?

    • If you can't see the value that has been created over the last year then I don't know what to tell you.

      Obviously(and like it has always been), there is a difference in opinions here, so it is a waste of time arguing with someone like you.

      Value has been created over the last year. Now management needs to execute a deal that realizes that value.

      Only a fool would try to argue that two successful PIII's, a JAMA review, and a successful NDA meeting doesn't add value to something.

    • Sunil existed 15 years ago.....he came to TTNP 17 years ago.

      What did he produce during his tenure in terms of enhancing shareholder value?

      You just want to discuss the 20 cent bounce off the low and not the 15 years of Sunil's tenure that has left the stock price within 20 cents of its low.

      All biotechs have products thatr they are advancing, what does that have to do with management's performance?

      The Buffalo Bills can win the Super Bowl every year, but they haven't.

    • How can you talk about a stock 10-15 years ago?
      Probuphine and Buprenorphine didnt exist!
      The microscope is on Titan because they are a small company who had failed drugs in past.
      Many companies strike out before they hit a homerun.
      Or at least a double... lol

    • Not every one is under water, just nearly everyone!

      Let's all cherry pick the one day that it hit a 52 week low and disregard the other 364 days in the year, and that proves what?

      I'd be concerned if the price is $1.28 after two Phase 3 trials and a safety trial.

      You can hope that any and every stock that you hold will go up in the future but we are talking about what this stock has done for the past 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and why it is greatly underperforming.

      If a stock is a dog for years and years, at whose feet those the blame rest?

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