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  • nowak488 nowak488 Apr 10, 2012 4:22 PM Flag


    I would like everyone to look at today's PR REALLY REALLY REALLY closely and tell me the things you find odd..

    The deal sucks, that is in the past at this point, but i'm hoping someone else can find what i'm talking about.

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    • Please Novak enlighten us.... I want to believe that our chances are still good and solid and in reality this dilution was something we all knew had a great chance of happening... the warrants at $0.85 is what bothered me... and why give them six months to exercise?
      Please share your thoughts



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      • "Each investor will receive one share of common stock, a series A warrant to purchase one share of common stock and a series B warrant to purchase one share of common stock for a purchase price of $0.85."

        Is this not a weird statement? Is it just me?

        The warrants at 85 were probably a compromise. Half the warrants have a price of 1.13 and half have a price of 85 cents. One is obviously what Titan wanted and the other half is what the buyer would have preferred.

    • To what are you referring? There are a couple of points that stand out to me. The first of which is the statement that this is a simple office procedure. I'm getting old, but I can only recall speculation as to how complex the insertion and removal of the rods would be. "Simple", however, is relative.

      I'll hold off on a couple of other thoughts about today's PR.

    • Couple of thoughts.

      Events today could be a way of showing tough talking potential partners they won't get us cheap.

      Why would institutional investors consider buy in even at low levels if they didn't have some 'hint' of things to come.

      Dilution 20% (to a number of shares, in absolute terms, that are quite small vs many other similar companies) while drop of nearly 2x that.....

      Uptick (.01) at close....

      Just thinking out loud

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      • These are interesting points, I hope they are valid, but at this point I am assuming a complete loss on this investment. I will hold until they either go bankrupt or become successful. I think it is plausible that they only got low ball offers and felt it was better to take a dillution hit than sell out cheap. My concern is will there be more dillution needed before we get an FDA decision, in any case I am assuming the worst, so from here on there is only upside for me.

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