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  • permit2084 permit2084 Jan 29, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Need Some Follow Up PRs

    Sunil puts out one PR and then vanishes for 5 months.

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    • Good'Possibility that share price can hit 2.50+ my guess sometime after PR on advisory meeting confirmation, and before the meeting itself takes place.

    • We climb from .60s to almost $2, and on the slightest pullback you start calling out management again. Truly blows my mind. On up days, you praise Sunil, the company, and patience. Any down day just proves his incompetence. You sir, or at least these comments, are what needs to vanish.

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      • Thanks hutz 315 on your perspective on the pps and where it goes from here. I too am pretty much not allowing anything to subordinate the importance of 4-30-2013. The component that I have the most trouble with is the potential effect of the 12+million warrants at prices as low as .87 and how the holders will play them on a day to day basis. Some have speculated that the warrant holders would keep them and short,but at some point it's in their interest to allow the pps to spike and the question always remains what their expectations are for long term commercial success.
        I simply can't comfortably grasp this aspect of the status quo. When I expressed my concern to Sunil that the outstanding warrants could put a ceiling on the pps his response was that this is a common scenario for a co. such as TTNP and that gradually it would become less of a factor.
        What I infer from that is that we'll potentially be subject to wide trading ranges when MMs or warrant holders themselves act,but that with continued good news or no news until 4-30-2013
        any significant new demand will override other factors and longs who hold their shares will ultimately be rewarded.
        If we do dip as low as the 1.48 number where you identified resistance,I certainly see it as a buying opportunity. It will also be an opportunity for our most prodigious vacationing island-hopper,genius,advisor,trader to tune in and explain to us yet again how and why he was right,that we should have listened and that if we had listened, we'd have equalled or surpassed another one of his myriad $500.profits. How fortunate we are to share this opportunity to be in the company of a true legend in his own mind:)

      • We dropped from $60 to .01 on Sunil's watch.
        So now it's $60.00 to $1.80 and we're supposed to celebrate?
        That should blow your mind.
        The stock has been in the $1 range for a decade now and you are doing high fives and back flips?

        There's no excuse now for Sunil sitting on his fat butt now.

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