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  • mrmainstreet mrmainstreet Feb 13, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    TTNP bull vs Bear position

    Newbie from the CLSN board (where I got crushed). Looking close at TTNP and was wondering if any long-timers could give me a quick summary of the bull vs. bear opinion on the company. Are there any catalysts before the 4/30 event?

    I appreciate any comments that can accelerate my DD.

    Main Street

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    • Welcome to TTNP. Previous bullet points by gpost and jrfillion are excellent, along with the seeking some posts by others in the board. There are knowledgable folks here who are kind enough to share in the spirit of this TTNP community and board. If you have not already done so, I would suggest going to the TTNP website and reading press release from the last couple of years. They should help bring you up to speed, I think. Also, try to get the reports by Jason Napodano of Zacks for the last couple of years. Finally, if you have specific questions and ask them here.......I think most people will respond in honest fashion. You wil be able to discern who they are, I'm sure. It has been a long road for many here and we are encouraged and optimistic about prospects going forward. I feel that what seems most uncertain is where we feel the price can go pre-approval, post-approval and then during launch and down the commercialization road. We all agree that it should increase from the current level, barring delays and possible rejection. GOOD LUCK with TTNP, should you decide to invest.

    • If you can wade back through all the bs in the way (place obvious trolls and scammers on ignore) look at objective posts by novak, and a few others, and you will learn alot. I believe the SP will go well over 3 after Probuphine is approved for commercialization; meanwhile it will wander between 2/2.50. gpost provided some good points to get you started.

    • Catalysts before 4/30:
      1) Year End CC early March
      2) Possible AdCom panel in late March

      Could happen before or after 4/30:
      3) Row (Asia, Europe) licensing deal?
      4) EU MAA?
      5) ProNeura Parkinson's patent?
      6) Recruitment for ProNeura Parkinson's trial?
      7) Application for NASDAQ listing?

    • Bullish Arguments:
      1) market cap is low
      2) priority review + already approved drug + 505b makes approval practically a slam dunk
      3) approval will spearhead and increase the value of the ProNeura platform

      Bearish Arguments:
      1) management don't inspire confidence
      2) royalty amount has not been disclosed other than "tiered double digit"
      3) Braeburn's marketing capabilities are not known

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