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  • bizwiz_69 bizwiz_69 Mar 5, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Refresh my memory on Implant..........!!!

    Does the implant go in the exact same spot every 6 months? It dawn on me that if by cutting and stitching up the same area during each procedure would be problematic for the tissue to heal properly. I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

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    • The treatment requires multiple implants. Arms and legs are all O.K. I don’t believe you need stitches on removal but I could be wrong. Two treatments per year should give the areas time to heal over.

    • the point of the implant and the use of buprenorphine is to control cravings so that recovery can begin.... it is not and should not be a maintenance regimen because that would be an identical model to methadone treatment... on it forever-- it too is addictive.. buprenorphine implants alone are insufficient for recovery from opiate addiction... it is very effective at blocking cravings to FACILITATE recovery... buprenorphine is one component of opiate addiction treatment... it is not a magic bullet... most people who are in treatment shouldn't require more than 3 months on buprenorphine, and MD's should be titrating them down (maybe a person needs 4 rods to start and ends the 6 months w/one)... but everyone is unique and they have unique circumstances ... in achieving smoking cessation though a nicotine patch, some will require longer use than others... difficult to predict... nevertheless, the intent will be to wean folks off buprenorphine as soon as possible to facilitate sustained recovery ... another rod after 6 months risks buprenorphine addiction... not the intent here... I hope

    • The implants can go anywhere. Both arms would be in play as well as the thigh area. Plus, you can implant them on different places of the same arm.

    • The implant is the size of a match stick. There's no need to insert in exactly the same spot each time.
      I would think it might even be alternated between arms, left arm for 6 months, then right arm for 6 months.

    • I wondered about this as well. I would be concerned about scar tissue, etc....

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