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  • quest876 quest876 Mar 6, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    come on guys,stop with the ..............,what your all of a sudden losing faith

    Not to long left,some people are picking up huge discounts,this price is ridiculous,we all know that,people placing there bets,and I am sure some warrants holders are locking in profits,big deal,it takes but one hour to one day or even less to run this a few bucks if they wanted to,but they are not ready,YET! So if you have a few bucks left,which i am sure many longs here don' t,even me i am all cleaned out of cash for now ,buy.i think once we get a passing mark with the adcom we will fly,yes fly,because it will comfirm everything positive about titan,and all the folks waiting by the side lines,will start the process of the run to april 30 th,D DAY for us.BELIEVE,20+++,pps very easy.

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    • Being a TTNP shareholder is a like betting on the best horse in the field and then watching the jockey pull up to let the other horses pass. It's like betting on a clear cut favorite boxer and then watching him take a dive.

      TTNP should be soaring to the AdCom date. Instead it's taking a dive.

      It's frustrating and it shows you how corrupt the markets are.
      NITE controls the BB stocks. They can do with the pps whatever they want.

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      • you would think adcom ment good things as well as priority review, but remember this is a otcbb stock and look at all the deal management has done to us.. it seem to trade terrible.. When we all think this should be going much higher nite controls the price by shorting it down. if you had warrants wouldn't you want the price to go up to make more per share. I should have sold at the high realizing we would not break it just from past experience. I thought this time would be different but we are the little people controlled by the big guys making all the money.. Well I was wrong again sell at the high easy to buy back down here as there are millions for sale. no matter how many are bought at the ask it does not move. It was trading decent for the previous 2 month but the last month back to the same old trading. Even with approval who knows we may only go up a few cents I have no faith in the way this stock trades.

    • Low volume holdiong at any price means most of the people who believe in this stock that you are addressing are already "all in" with what they can afford and they are just not willing to sell. The next catalyst is when we start getting close to the review.

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      • bobbyc34 Mar 6, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

        Quest and Happi,
        Both of you echo my sentiments exactly!! I too am all in and though I do get a queasy feeling when the price starts to fluctuate down, I am keeping the faith and believe we are sitting on a game changer. The weak sisters ARE being shaken out now by the man behind the curtain pulling the levers (ie Wizard of Oz).

        The fact that we have a priority review alone is enough to know what we have here. FDA only grants that status to exceptional products. The real trudge is going to be getting to the April 30th PDUFA date and battling our way through the short wars that will surely ensue. At some point along the way though the road will narrow and the path will become clearer.


        Sentiment: Hold

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