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  • prospector2020 prospector2020 Mar 7, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    My unhappy prediction

    is that NITE will pull a Vanda on continuing to sell right down to the cash on hand value and then hold there. Not pretty.

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    • if Probuphine is such a blockbuster, and TTNP skyrocketing is a "sure thing", then why would anyone want to short it? why not buy and rake in huge profits within a month or 2? Are they really making more money shorting this daily for a few cents per share?

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      • FYI, this is not a blockbuster.. it could be, but that is not the consensus. Also, skyrocketing is the wrong term. Yeah, ARNA skyrocketed, but they weren't anticipating approval. We will increase significantly in value, but I doubt any of the more objective posters here think the word skyrocket is appropriate...we can all hope it happens though.

      • I honestly don't get it either. But there it is right on the chart. This is how shorting kills innovation, motivation and optimism. It is a real plague on the markets in general. It is a bigger threat, in my opinion, than anything the congress has been paying attention to lately.

      • We aren't really stupid, but we would be if we had 12 million shares and we were buying more.

      • They aren't shorting!! They own 6 million shares and are selling because they also own the rights to 6 million shares.

        Smart money takes money off the table when they are up over 100% in less than a year. We are all greedy and stupid, so we buy more.

        Which strategy is better? Who knows, but there is probably a reason the warrant holders are able to get other people to trust them with millions of dollars of their money.

    • I can see the headlines now:

      "Titan pharma gets positive Adcom vote, tanks 85%" or "Titan pharma receives positive Adcom vote, tanks 57%"... depending on the cash on hand figure you want to use.

    • We'll that makes the most sense out of anything I've ever heard.

      So, is cash on hand 20 million, or a pps of 27 cents per share? Or is it including the 50 million on approval for a pps of 80 cents per share?

      And here I was thinking that we had an adcom in two weeks and FDA approval in a month and a half!!!

      It's good to know that those positive events would leave us sitting at cash levels! I've never seen an example of something like this occurring, and I'm positive it never has, but since you said it it must be true.

      Nevermind that Vanda was at $15+ on FDA approval or that the sell off has occurred because they don't generate enough revenue to conserve that cash reserve.

      Why people give you any thought is beyond me because this is either the most poorly thought out post I have ever seen or it is a blatant attempt to bash the pps lower.

      Yeah, I'm a bully and you're simply a nice guy trying to tell us all what really is going on... I get it, so please save it.

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