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  • pohba2000 pohba2000 Apr 1, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    sold for the following reasons:

    *No news between now and FDA final approval meeting...I see it drifting lower.
    *Google "Implanon Insertion" and "Implanon Removal"......pretty gross....and this is just a single rod!!!!
    *During the Adcom telecast, they showed a slide showing the placement of the rods and the location of veins, arteries and nerves in the area where these rods are implanted. All it takes is a couple botched procedures, and your looking at Lawsuit City!! I think it could be kinda tricky for someone unskilled/unexperienced in this sort of thing to be very reliable at it.
    * Many questions need to be worked out as to who is going to do the surgical procedures, drug distribution issues, how payments will be made/collected.
    * Management concerns...rasied by jodiesandy in a post dated March 25, 2013, 11:03 PM. Read the second half of the second paragraph.
    *Market size. In a post by jodiesandy on Jan 17, 2013, 2:34PM, regarding a conference call, management expects to capture 10% of this market. They estimate the market at around $300-500 million, so they are targeting a $30-50 million $ chunk of it...not real big $ here.
    *In my opinion, use of this for pain applications could be years away.....and will probably need to undergo some FDA trials.
    There are 2 major pumpers on this board......Nowak and jodiesandy/jodiesandy1 . nowak has posted 35 PAGES on messages on this board since Dec. 31, 2012...@ about 18-20 posts per page. jodiesandy/jodiesandy1 has posted a combined 27 pages of posts on this board since Aug. 2, 2012...@ about 18-20 posts per PAGE. TOTAL POSTS by these 2 people on this one message board amounts to approximately 1178....since Aug. 2, 2012. If that ain't PUMPING, I don't know what is. Just what do you think their agenda is??????

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    • pohba2000:

      Every long here knows you're also using IDs LoveBumper.50cents, DaveTape2000, DraveTape and many other aliases who frequent this board with a barrage of negativity, seemingly more so lately than ever. We get it. You're a day-trader, or some hedge fund's troll.

      I must admit, when I see you begin posting lengthy bashes, regularly quoting me of all people, I become almost giddy with excitement because that tells me more about the likelihood of success here than almost any other speculation. Good Luck to you in your future "Troll" endeavors since you've now sold and have no other business here (We'll take that to mean we'll not have to suffer any more from JoshAlex, the Dave triplets and Fiddy Cent, among others), and please, don't let the door hit your ‘schizo’ self in the a@@ on the way out. Troll speak: Get a Sun Tan.

    • so since you sold, can I assume we won't be hearing from you anymore?
      If that is true, my day just got better.
      Go pound sand pohba

    • Pretty sloppy trading strategy.... but it is your money.... oh and you already told us you sold last week so we know... now you must be short, good luck with that.

    • I can address some of those things you mentioned. I do agree that there are quite a number of details that need to be worked out for an approval here Despite the issues with Implanon the fact remains that it, among other similar implants, was approved. So its not impossible to imagine that Probuphine could achieve approval even though there may be problems down the road.
      Any issues regarding sales potential are a bit irrelevant here because the final FDA decision will tell us a lot about how this drug can be used, and what restrictions there will be. For example if the FDA gives CRL demanding tighter REMS we will know that potential sales are diminished.
      Aside from that, if Probuphine is approved for treatment of opioid addiction, it does not mean that it cant be prescribed for pain indication. In fact, there is a HUGE market for non approved indications for many drugs. It is not illegal for physicians to prescribe drugs for unapproved indications. One third of dermatology prescriptions, for example, are used for non approved indications. What is illegal, however, is for pharmaceutical companies to market their drugs for non approved inidcations. So it is possible, perhaps even likely, that Probuphine might be used for pain if doctors deem it necessary and useful for their patients.
      Also, management concerns are also irrelevant for now, at least for me. I intend to sell on approval, and probably wont come back. I do think that Probuphine will encounter big problems down the road that might cause extreme volatility in the stock. so whatever management does after approval isnt important for those playing the FDA decision.

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      • sumyunguy85:
        The statement you made "I intend to sell on approval, and probably wont come back" expresses the prevailing sentiment among a great many longs here as well, which I pointed out to another poster yesterday. This is why one should think carefully about their exit strategy.

        From my earliest experience on this board a number of years ago and until this very day, it seems the conversation always ends the same way whether delivered by bashers, longs or tourists. Basically it goes like this: blah, blah, blah, $ (dollar sign), the latter is always either literally expressed or implied.

        Therein, lay our collective difficulties. Approval or denial, even something between, all of them spell SELL based on some $ sign? Sorry, while I'll readily acknowledge the incentive is probably correct for you and perhaps, every other one who feels similarly, I simply cannot fathom how you or they imagine that the best moment for investors to cash out is the first moment of Titan's success. That's really counterintuitive to me, otherwise, why would you be here? Frankly, that sounds a little like putting your chips on the 'Field' and waiting for either a win or the last roll of the current other words, the simple behavior of gambler playing a game of dice. OK, granted you think there's a long hard road to travel after approval, perhaps even a whole new set of dilemmas for investors, but I would caution one in assuming such arguments as credible, especially as they are applied to any future appreciation in Titan's market cap.

        My strategy here is mostly one of a swing trader, buying low, selling higher, and building a position with the lowest basis possible for me. When the one large catalyst of many comes along, I'll sell too. But the difference is that my strategy will remain the same. Then, as now, I retain an ever-growing and cheaper core of shares, taking profits as I go. To me, that makes much better sense until Titan's ends for whatever reason.

    • Pohba2000: It is not 10% of $300-$500K that is being targeted. The $300-$00K is the 10% of the targer market. Jason Napadano of Zack's has recently addressed the market ptojections. His update has been posted on The Street and referenced here. It's speculative of course,but your numbers oare simply in inaccurate depiction of what analysts and the co. and Braeburn have projected.

    • I agree with the low drift. However what you are missing is that BUPRENORPHINE IS ALREADY INDICATED FOR PAIN and has been. They will no doubt capture some of this business. Regarding the rod thing ..have you ever met a heroin addict? SUBOXONE or subutex was only perscribed by a select group of qualified docs and did 1.2 BILLION just saying here people.

      All this negativity creeps in at the last minute. Not saying it was a bad sell but there is a lot of money just waiting out there.....we traded 8 million shares during those 2 days a week ago...that same volume is just waiting for an entry point.

    • Is this the big post you were talking about?

      I'm long the stock so I "pump" it. You got me. My agenda is to see the pps appreciate in value. I'm pretty level headed, but that is subjective I suppose.

      Good post buddy. I hope you didn't spend too much time on it. The market is 1.5 billion and they expect they can take 300-500 of that market.

      Facts are important, but you seem pretty stupid, so don't worry about it.

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      • You can save your breath (or fingertips) telling Jon (Nowak488) "go read jodiesabdy's [my] post." He and I are of like mind on this in every way that counts.

        Plus, Nowak488 has contributed more to the dialog on this board the past several years than practically anyone else. He's invested not only his money but great amount of his time in order to inform himself in every way possible about Titan and Probuphine.

        That should tell even a dolt like you something, at least. Since Jon's communicates a good deal more intelligently in writing than you, one can fairly assume the same is true in person. I'm inclined to follow the smart people, once I know they can be byebye LB, Daves, Draves and all your many aliases, even Pooby. Go haunt APPA for a while. You have something in common.

      • go read jodiesabdy's post from Jan. 17, 2013; 2:34 PM. I'm using his numbers.....guess he's got his head up his hiney.
        You need to get busy and start cranking out another 600-700 more of your BS posts.

      • hey nowak, the guys a slumlord and brags about it. he's just some old dude playing with his retirement account. after he loses it all we wont hear from him again.

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