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  • pukealo pukealo Apr 11, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    ACAD from $1 to $12

    It's up 60% today on the news that it plans to ask for expedited review for its drug.

    TTNP got priority review and the stock did nothing.
    TTNP got a positive ADCOM vote and the stock did nothing but drop.

    Is there any time that TTNP went up on a positive catalyst and held the gain?

    Will the stock drop on FDA approval?
    I've been in this stock long enough, to know that that is a very distict possibility.

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    • And FYI, I made a #$%$ load on ACAD, over $700k. Here's an old post after P3 results from me.

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      $280 million market cap!
      by cameroninbaghdad • Dec 4, 2012 11:32 AM
      What a joke! Amateurs look at the over 100% rise this took last week and think this is headed down. Investors look at the pathetic market cap and realize the massive potential of this drug. Buy all you can, I promise this will not stay off the market as long as people think. PDP is a serious condition and this first in class drug offers a clear cut therapeutic advantage to the available options. The FDA are the people who added the black box warning of increased mortality with antipsychotics for dementia related psychosis. They will be the same people who grant this accelerated approval in the next few months. When that happens, you'll realized the rise from $2 to $5 was nothing. The market is the master of illusion and seeing the price drop and hearing no sales until 2016 is all an illusion.

      This drug helps a lot of people, patients and caregivers, who are suffering with this awful condition. Our population is aging and increasing numbers of elderly people are being admitted to institutional facilities. This drug helps ease some of that and helps the day to day functioning of hundreds of thousands of patients dealing with this condition. That is the key to accelerated approval, the condition must be serious (either life threatening or affecting day to day function) and the drug must offer a therapeutic advantage to existing therapies.

      It's coming folks, this drop is a gift, just like the one to 1.80 was prior to the phase 3 results released. Less
      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Please don't compare ACAD to TTNP. It shows your complete lack of understanding and just makes you look foolish. I don't mind you pumping or bashing TTNP, I get that. But really, you look like a fool comparing a first in class anti-psychotic for a condition with no approved medications and a drug with great managment and financial backing to Titan.

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      • ACAD hasn't even filed an NDA for its drug to treat a segment of the Parkinson's population with psychosis. The market for the drug is smaller than the market for Probuphine, and IF approved, won't be available until 2015, yet the ACAD's price increase today alone was double TTNP's total market cap. ACAD is already at a $900+ million market cap.

      • The comparison is TTNP to any other biotech stock and the increase in the pps on positive catalyst news. Titan's pps didn't increase on positive P3 data, on the NDA filing, on the partnership announcement, on the positive ADCOM vote, on any positive news that other biotechs soar on.
        You are a newbie to TTNP, so it is you who is showing a lack of understanding.
        Learn to read before you post a moronic response.

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