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  • ms.wardcleaver ms.wardcleaver May 1, 2013 11:49 PM Flag

    Now, how long will we suffer with under 50 cent price ?????

    I am sick, just sick all day - panic attack symptoms, can't eat, have diarrhea, shortness of breath, can't sleep tonight, can't focus, didn't sell shares but my account is destroyed. I have no choice but to wait it out, no matter how long. I guess two years according to Seeking Alpha? So we sit at below 50 cents for two years . . . unbelievable - I will be dead by then - I have to believe that the executives at Titan, Braeburn and Apple Tree are going to raise some he44 and get to the bottom of this - I thought Braeburn had connections at FDA? I want answers! I want answers from management this week. How could all these people have such a disconnect with the FDA and not understand each other when it was told to investors that the data was good and met FDA requirements and trial design - now FDA says it wasn't enough? They don't even understand the difference in how Probuphine works compared to Suboxone and I even understand it. What will it take for a price recovery back to $1.00 or even 80 cents???

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    • Hi Ms.w - just calm down and relax. I've been investing in TTNP for a really long time and there's been a ton of disappointments along the way - but this one has by far been the most painful. The funny thing is that TTNP has done nothing wrong here and this was definitely a sucker punch blow by the FDA. Sort of like a teacher telling you what to study for on the final exam and then you get the test and at the end of the test there are some extra questions about things you never studied for or prepared for -- so you leave them blank. All the other questions you answered correctly but when your test results come back you see you failed -- even though you answered every question that was supposed to be on the test correctly. This is similar to what happened to TTNP. We met the safety guidelines, efficiency etc,etc... but still failed the test. The FDA should be on trial now and not TTNP because this was not a fair test ...
      As for when the share price will be over the 80cents or $1.00 etc .... if only somebody had a crystal ball that worked maybe we'd know -- but mine broke just before the CRL was announced!! I personally don't believe that we're talking years - nowhere close to that. Braeburn and TTNP are not going to let this stretch out one second longer than is necessary ... and TTNP still does have other things to offer aside from probuphine which can pop the share price. In any case probuphine will eventually will be approved (JMO). Worst case scenario right now is TTNP gets bought out -- probably for a lot less than any of us were expecting or hoping for -- but still a whole lot more than where we are now! No guesses however (until my crystal ball starts working!).
      #$%$ feeling for all investors right now - especially the long term ones -- but you got to look at this as just a delay for now.

    • panic sellers are gone and shorts will start covering their position.
      the worst is over.... we might see 0.48 area today and then, next week, the pps will start recovering nicely?
      i've been in this one for sometime, and i did notice this stock moves fast... up this time from here.
      all imo and good luck to longs :)

    • If anyone could tell you they would be guessing. Good luck and stay strong.

    • how much did you lose?

      Sentiment: Hold

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