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  • hugochazev hugochazev May 2, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    Titan Has 2 Options:

    Suspend operations while Braeburn battles the FDA (as they did after the iloperididone CRL while Vanda appealed the decision). What is the point of burning the remaining cash and not advancing any programs?


    Sell the Company to Braeburn.

    The resignation of Huckel suggests that there is an internal battle on the course for Titan moving forward.

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    • TTNP can submit new NDA even if Brauburn walks. They can dilute for more fundings. TTNP still has $18mil in cash. Somehow, I think they just need to clarify the dosing part and work out REMS. Meeting with FDA is probably the best option before any actions can be taken.

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    • Makes no sense. They've got tons of options including appealing the FDA decision. Re-submitting the NDA like Arena did with their Obesity drug which saw their stock price go up like 200%.....etc etc.

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      • Name them.
        The ball is in Braeburn's court now. Braeburn can appeal the decision, tweak the NDA (as APPA did and resubmit) or run new trials.
        If Braeburn terminates the partnership, then Titan would have to pursue those avenues. There is nothing for Titan to do now. They have no other drugs in trials.
        They would be burning cash just to burn it?

    • On a buyout, Braeburn gets back the upfront payment of $16M, plus they save the $50M on approval, plus the $200M in milestones, plus the double digit royalty and they also pick up ProNeura for Parkinson's.

      How much is all that worth?

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      • At this point, the silence coming from management at both companies is deafening when one considers their (HIGH PRICED HIGH PROFILE) "competitive bid winning" international PR spin machines should be running in high gear right now. I find the lack of company FACE and VOICE up front and visible (saying nothing at all being OK with me, but just being public and visible), well frankly, I find it MOST curious. And Huck might be 80 but he could have picked a MUCH better day to retire, huh? There's an internal war going on I think and ALL it can be about, as far as I'm thinking at this moment in time, is SELLING TTNP on the cheap, unless of course, there's an impending scandal (which I doubt). Appeal to the FDA maybe, hundreds of other wannabe explanations but reality is that Titan market cap's 40M now...dirt Braeburn if they continue to believe as they did in December, that Probuphine is both viable and commercially promising profit-wise. You don't have to be an moron like DAVE/LOVEBUMPER.FIDDY/JOSH to figure out that particular arithmetic speaks for itself....AND....My-oh-my, NEED I MENTION YET AGAIN the curiosity of Titan just letting the POISON PILL expire back in January without a peep? Seems really convenient right about now, huh?

      • $1.50/ $2 pps. Ill take it.

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