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  • eastcoastjonny eastcoastjonny Jun 23, 2014 11:00 AM Flag


    Ill be laughing all the way to the bank when this stock resumes trading in the 2's in the not so distant future. Then all the so called serious posters will mysteriously show back up with all kinds of serious analyses of why it happened under everyone's radar. The spamming of dozens of other companies tickers on this board will be for the most part long gone as well as the fake junk conversations. Mark this post.

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    • Old-timer still here long and strong!

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    • Eastcoast - read your bs before and nothing has ever come to pass.

    • Hi eastcoast, hope you are well. I think that there are a lot of people out there(myself included) that are laying low.
      The community spirit & the sharing of ideas that used to be here, has been replaced by junk posts. Anyone that posts anything positive, gets attacked & labeled a "pumper". So, for now, we watch the board posts, but do not participate. As you pointed out, when the pps improves, so will the posts. Nice to hear from you. J.T.

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      • I remember suggesting to this board about a year ago that BDSI may be a better way to get a piece of the addiction market and getting shot down by all the "experts" on this board who knew everything about TTNP., BDSI, and addiction treatments. The R-B market is waiting and now BDSI will take the first bite and TTNP, with its fearless leaders (SB and the rest of the foursome), are back in trials because of another miscommunication with the FDA. Not nearly as great of a risk/reward proposition but still would put most of new money for this market on BDSI and some loose change at TTNP just in case they are forced to sell.

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      • I believe you are correct in your assumptions. The board is not worth much in the way of discussion. The patent approval has not been valued into the PPS. They should be able to partner it more easily and with a major drug company. I would not be surprised if this happens sooner than later. Ignor the junk posts.

      • Hi JT: I'm here lurking,waiting for things to materialize by 2016.

    • I don't think the stock will be at $2 again, ever, but it won't hit .03 again either, provided Sunil doesn't sabotage the company as he's done in the past. The best thing that could possibly happen to Titan's shareholders is for Sunil Bhonsle to be removed from the company and for Marc Rubin to be replaced as well. That won't happen though because in my opinion these two are the ring leaders of this ongoing scam. Trading the swings is the best way to profit here but of course, you know that. There's never going to be an actual Titan product. Like Fanapt, anything they might produce will belong to some other company and its calculated profits siphoned away from Titan's shareholders long before it's ever marketable. So keep trading Jon, "eastcoastjonny." By now, after all these years, you know full well how to play this game. At least by trading, the company looks alive.

    • Is Sunil still the CEO?
      You'll be crying when the stock returns to .02 in the not too distant future.

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