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  • permit.2084 permit.2084 Jul 2, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha PUMP & DUMP as Usual

    Someone wanted to take a dump so they put out a pump puff piece in Seeking Alpha.
    As the fools rush in, they unload.

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    • The pump puff piece didn't contain any new analysis of the market, of the new approved products and those that may soon be approved. It did not contain any interviews with Braeburn management, with RB, with DEA officials, with analysts ..... There was no new information.

      What was the purpose of the Seeking Alpha article other than to pump the stock with buyout and huge revenues hype? I didn't read the second page. No doubt it was more of the same.

    • How do you define a "pump"? Seems to me the author went through a lot of effort to "support" what he believes. I didn't notice any lies or exaggerations. Perhaps you could provide some support for what you want us to believe? Perhaps it is fools who are not rushing in? BTW; support means presentation of facts (that can be verified) that support what you claim; something shorts don't seem to understand.

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      • PUMP is hype such as buyout hype.

        Lies or distortions: demonstration of ease of implantation in the doctor's office - doctors will want to prescribe and perform the procedure.
        This is contrary to the views of the therapists at the panel hearing.
        A prescription can't be written for Probuphine to have the patient pick it up at the drug store.
        The therapist will have to store and safeguard Probuphine in the office and they would have to learn the surgical procedure or have a doctor travel to their office to perform the implantation or accompany the patient to the doctor's office. Time is money.

        More lies and distortions: doctors will prescribe Probuphine because it improves compliance. Therapists earn money on follow up office visits. They prescribe Suboxone and a month later the patient comes in for another prescription. The doctor monitors their progress. With Probuphine, the patient is gone for six months and the therapist loses the monthly recurring income.

        Braeburn will have to hire and train a sales force. They will also have to hire trainers to train doctors in the surgical procedure. The sales staff will only be able to sell Probuphine to the doctors after they have been trained. Drugs are sold to retail pharmacies. With Probupine, the doctor will have turn into a retailer. He will have to buy and store the implant. He will have to keep records for the DEA. If you were a doctor would you want to go through all that or just prescribe Suboxone or the generic?

        If you were a patient, would you want a surgical implant or would you prefer a sublingual each morning or the inexpensive generic or the once ever thirty day depot injection when that is approved? The Seeking Alpha exaggerates the "substantial revenues for the Company" when in fact Probuphine will only be a minor product for a small niche in the addiction market.

      • u didn't notice any lies or exaggerations,, did you notice any figures? projections? answer no,, funny as it gets

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