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  • nowak488 nowak488 Jul 7, 2014 7:26 PM Flag

    Keep Telling Us

    You guys need to get telling us how this is a scam and that the pps isn't going anywhere.

    Keep it up in spite of the fact that we've gone from ~60 cents to 85 cents (~41% gain) in the last three months.

    A lot went wrong here, but you guys (I'm looking at you Jodie) are being ridiculous.

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    • Not so Jon. High boys are artificially running the price up by initiating their coverage. What's actually changed that represents that predicted value? Is Probuphine, even assuming Braeburn successfully manages commercialization, actually worth that per share? You are a serious numbers guy. Publish the math. What about Pro Neura? If it's so valuable, why have they been just sitting on its development for more than 10 years? You know as well as I that recent SEC disclosure about Mead is headed by the same strategy that precipitated that long lost and now nearly forgotten poison pill parlay. And you also know other large holders have bought millions of shares very low over the past year and a half. They have to unload them and they'll do it at the expense of new investors. You've written here and elsewhere to expect a dilution before approval, so what makes me so wrong here? Is it because I find announcements like today's laughable? I don't think I'm being ridiculous at all. The fact these guys have managed to carry on an enterprise that's produced nothing but debt and losses for shareholders for 20 plus years now demonstrates that fact if nothing else. We (you and I) have been playing their game since early 2009. I'm well-informed and so are you Jon. This isn't the first such strategic move SB and MR have indirectly staged (I suppose the recent "stock promotion" didn't yield enough new money) and it won't be the last. Besides, we both know who and what the High boys are, and what it is they really do. I'd feel a lot better if their report actually showed factual numbers to support that $3 target, numbers that were based in reality and not mostly founded on wishful thinking. Then at least it wouldn't look so comical. Remember Jon, like you, I am no fool. I'll profit either way. You're a highly informed Titan numbers guy. Please analyze and then publish the math that supports their hypothesis but in kindness, I find their assertions implausible.

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      • Titans long term growth is promising , look at this development over at bdsi and youll begin to realize how that news portends well for Titans formulation and Titans stock price. I think 3 is very achievable soon and perhaps ridiculously low. Bdsi already in the teens. " The Phase III trial successfully met its primary efficacy endpoint in demonstrating that BEMA buprenorphine resulted in significantly improved chronic pain relief compared to placebo. Additional secondary endpoints were supportive of the efficacy of BEMA buprenorphine compared to placebo" Titans pursuit into chronic pain with superior and long term delivery could be a highly prized gem. Perhaps we will be doing the teens one day also.

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    • Nowak, been a long time. How are things?

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