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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Mar 7, 2008 8:01 AM Flag


    Must you buy these in after hours? Your post is this AM before market opens. Are you simply scanning for news and evaluating before the next day?

    I’m up between 4 an 6 AM and I look through the news on Yahoo In Play, CNBC and either sights. I don’t like to buy a stock before the market opens because they usually drop win the market opens . What happens is the stocks are bid up in the morning and win the market opens up they fall to a floor. . (FLOW) opened at $9.50 dropped to $8.75 then went back up to $9.40 then dropped.Win I first found this strategie it was like i hit the MOTHER LOAD Sireously just insane.

    I have to work to day. You and Wallace kick ASS take all there money.
    Read my last post on TRY THIS

    Wallace read some of your old posts back to your self


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    • Traders Wheel

      Free Stock Market Education

      I fell into the trading pit of being inexperienced

      #1 GREED - If I buy more shares I can sell my house and buy Bill Gats HOUSE
      #2 OVERCONFIDENCE - Not watching what kind of trades I am making. Not watching how I am trading and NOT cutting my losses soon enough
      #3 FEAR - Cutting my trades to soon not giving the stock time to breath. Buying at the wrong time & price. Freezing UP

      By reading some things I found out that I needed some Trading Psycholgy and to go back to the basices. Because for me whith FEAR comes of loss confidence...

      JMO 95% of people on the message boards do not know what they are talking about and are out for them self’s. Maddstox Is not out for him self and does know what he is talking about . I do like reading what he says; talking with him.

      Have a great Day
      Hope this helps

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