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  • chimakot chimakot Jun 28, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    Time's up, Mr Rink.

    Clearly you are not to be trusted as you failed to announce/deliver one meaningful contract this quarter. How in the world will you spin this? For those interested, I sent another email to ABHD and haven't received a response. That will be my last correspondence with ABHD.

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    • I'm glad you at least will not be ripped off, but don't believe for a minute that your words will have any effect. The pumping will continue. They work for companies that are set up just to do that. Their services are called "internet promotions" and ABTECH does employ such companies. Other services that scams can buy are "buy recommendations" from phony penny stock promoters, etc. It's fascinating, a scam company can buy everything they need. Anyone can start one of these, all they need is some seed money and a lack of morality. Plenty of those running around. So, you're saving your money by getting out, but the game will go on. There will still be posters claiming to be investors, coming up with all kinds of weird reasons why the company will take off. They will continue all their tricks to get people to buy in. Why don't you hang around for a while a just observe how the whole scam works. They all pretty much work the same, and if you learn to read their reports, it's real obvious. Once you're not emotionally involved and can observe impartially you'll learn, and you won't believe that you ever sucked into it. Put your money into some good stocks. Greed is what kills you, you're very unlikely to double or triple your money over night.. The odds are very much against you. It's only inexperienced people, usually just starting out, that believe that a company with as miserable a track record as this one is going to make them rich. Grats on your determination and balls to take this one on. You're the MAN.

    • Here's my positive spin on a murky situation....Abtech just got 2 mil from Dutchess with a smoking interest rate. Why would they do that unless they believed this loan to Abtech was a LOW risk with a better than real chance of reaping rewards for them?
      On top of that.....What does 2 mil buy Abtech? How much time does it buy them? Not much time at all. Why would they dump 2 mil on a losing proposition? On a company whose wheels have been spinning for 17 years.

      Dutchess believes something is going change very soon. Either way this can't continue too much longer. We'll all know soon enough. If Abtech needs to go to the well again.....then I'll need to begin to think it's not going to happen.

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      • At a 400k+ burn rate per month it will get them to the end of the year. Tops. Thats according to info from the last conference call. I don't think I'll be here come Oct if there isn't some proof of adoption into any of their three target markets.
        Its nice to know that the product has many potential verticals, but I hope they are focusing on what they think their best bet (market vertical) is. Penetrate the one where the best opportunity is before you spread yourself out so thin it affects sales in all markets. I'm concerned they are all over the place. Is it possible for management to have A.D.D.?

    • Rink has nothing to say and nothing to announce. Rink is Rink and that's not much to his investors these days. Shareholders of ABHD deserve better than this guy.

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