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  • truthbetold8888 truthbetold8888 Aug 22, 2014 9:48 PM Flag

    Mako is now irrelevant

    Abtech now has a new chance at success.
    New work from Nassau County, a partnership with Corvias.
    Clearly though, they are a show me the money stock.
    I think the new contracts are coming though.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Mako is still relevant until this company actually delivers. Why think their latest PRs are of any more value than their misleading past ones.

    • Key phrase show me the money stock…The Corvias deal does not disclose any terms but it will stop some bleeding by paying at least the salaries for some in the AEWS group that are helping with the design, plus whatever and however Abtech's products get worked into the overall project. Nassau will most likely get expanded and they may even get the other New England project they've hinted at, but although these will provide needed revenues, we don't really know how profitable these projects will be, or how long before those revenues get realized. I'm not sure what is holding up any oil and gas contracts if the sponge has proven to be so successful and economical in the field testing, but if they land a deal there it will go a long way to making this company appealing to investors and their bottom line.

    • Truth - Wishing, hoping and thinking does not equate to money in our pocket. if Corvias news was big why didn't we get a bigger move. I think Mako is relevant until ABHD shows us otherwise.

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