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  • daytraderty daytraderty May 16, 2014 3:09 AM Flag

    You want the real story? Then read this and nothing else $USEI

    I Don't know what day to day stuff will do. Don't care either. But todays financials show us key things like 1)debt was reduced, 2)SS change was fractional
    Let me point out I am a partner with with USEI doing vapor products that we are selling by the pallets with their logo "The Real McCoy" and they take 40% of the net revs. So I don't give a #$%$ about day to day stuff. I know i'm a contributor and these bashers make me want to puke with their insane lyes to try and shake your shares - Jacobsen Enterprises (Read the latest PR) you'll know who I am then

    If you want to doubt Tony, you'd be wrong but go ahead if you must. One thing you sure as hell better be careful to do is doubt what Lollipopvapor sales will generate for USEI though. This is just one partnership. I can speak for our group and I know we will contribute over 1 Million dollars to USEI Cannabis this year.

    Do I need to remind people of this other little thing called edibles? I have spent a lot of time with Tony. I've seen his stuff and this guy is no joke. He has a full on kitchen and grow site in Denver, with customers for edibles, creams etc. Washington state is turn key next month.

    So sell if you doubt. I'll be there to buy. I have never been more motivated in my life than I am now and MARK this post, Lollipopvapor sales are just the beginning.

    With a market cap of ...8 Million? Its trading for 1/5 its real value just on lollipop alone after sector multiplier


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    • Hey DOK.....interesting post but could you please explain yourself a bit better? Writing like a 5th grader does not really install much confidence even though I am very eager to hear more from you, especially WHERE is your information coming from?? You say debt was reduced (from what to what?) you reference Lollipopvapor sales as if there were actual sales already.....are you talking "future sales" but your grammatical skills could not come up with future perfect sense? Please explain yourself better, I am sure there are lots of people who would like to know if you are just smoking too much weed or are a man of substance....
      Thanks in advance for your clarifications....

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I will add to my position due to the fact that you are building for the future ! Forget the past, chalk it up for expr.

    • Dude,

      "If you want to doubt Tony, you'd be wrong but go ahead if you must"

      Is this the same Tony who announced the $150 million Singular 96 deal? Somehow, I think all credibility is lost.

      This stock is going down today. Look at the financials, this company has zero revenue. They promised audited financials, but delivered unaudited financials. This is nuts....the company can't even deliver on this.

      " we are selling by the pallets".... are we to believe this? Where are your financials, or are you also engaged in the smoke and mirrors game?

      If there is any truth to what you are saying, the stock would not be trading at less than a penny.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • You're obviously unfamiliar with the posting of financials. In nearly all cases audited financials are not available for posting at the time of quarterly or annual reportage. Go to any of the blue chips to see this for yourself.

        As for what the traded price should be? You need to chill and give this company time to make good on its pledges.

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