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  • cybermich77 cybermich77 Nov 25, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    The Medium and Long Term Trend is UP

    Just look at the 3 month and the 6 month charts (wink)

    A stock like this does not take into account the catalysts (stocks like this move on news)

    Good luck with your trades

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    • cyber, your CLDX posts were excellent. Do you know how long it typically takes to complete Phase III & if Phase II tests were successful, do you know how & why Phase III might not be?

      Also, how long does it take to get a product like CLDX's to market domestically & internationally?

      I am anxious to hear Oakes's presentation in LA on Dec.4th as it says he will outline their goals & objectives
      for 2014. So much has happened lately, it'll be interesting to see how close we are to a revenue stream.
      Thanks for all your input & help.

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      • gogotron..
        I wouldn't be looking at the revenue stream of CLDX..
        the good news for CLDX was just another confirmation of the importance of KLH..

        Look at the upcoming conference to maybe shed a little more light on what kind of catalysts
        we will see in 2014..

        just like we are looking forward (phase 3 trials can take a long time).. imo big pharma is also looking forward.. and the more KLH is validated.. the bigger chance for significant news imo (order contracts/partnerships even potential buyout)..

        I personally wouldn't short CLDX however, I would much rather own SBOTF.. just because again,
        this is ONLY ONE of the many, many catalysts for sbotf.

        Good luck

    • btw.. blakcats..

      this stock has been on a huge UPTREND ever since you have been trashing the stock since 1.20 (saying that it would go below a dollar!

      When it comes to your postings.. that is FACT.

      higher highs (for the LONGS)

      lower lows (for YOU)..

      those are the TRUE technicals when it comes to this stock and your postings.

      good luck with the short term charts on a small cap bio with low volume (today)..

      you can twist technicals to tell just about ANY story you like.. this stock will run on the right news/catalysts..
      just how it is.

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