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  • chsinvestor_ chsinvestor_ Aug 18, 2009 5:19 PM Flag

    who unloaded today?

    wouldnt it be great if it was gator55!

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    • ask me when the company returns to profitability and posts consistent profits. how can we blame the marketplace for undervaluing us when we're losing money? i'll be happy if the company survives the current economic downturn and positions its products and markets so as to create consistent profits in the future. I'm sure there's a possibility that this can be done, the real issue is will i be alive to see it. Go CHBD! Best to all!

    • CHBDinvestor, thank you for your kind words. Question: What do you guys think is the "true" value of this Co.? With $32,000,000 in Gross profits, a significant focus on expenses, which the Co. is doing will lead to NET profits, that I believe will make todays marketcap ridiculous. As the NOL begins to expire ,I believe there will be an accelerated interest within the Co. to capitalize on the hidden value, and therefore we may see a merger/or further equity postion taken by KCP? China Ting? or others. Over the years there has been interest to BUY Chaus.

    • i agree tigerpac, the company's PR efforts have always been anemic. can anything be done about it? does antyone who posts on this board attend annual meetings or otherwise contact the company and voice criticism or give suggestions? if we dont, or if theres no point in doing so then it seems to me the only rational position is hold and hope. i dont want to bail out at 2 cents a share any more than gatr or josephine do.

      i do appreciate santas posts because if you've got no choice but to hold and hope its good to have someone who tells you there's actually reason to have that hope and provides plausible reasons why you should. of course we're all still waiting for santas predictions of sucess to be borne out in reality, but who knows, stranger things have happened. i am ceertainly encouraged that the conversation on tne board seems to have taken a decided turn for the better. hopefully now at least any potential investors who visit here won't be met with a barrage of negativity. i think there just might be something to that positive karma stuff. so as always i end my post with GO CHBD! and add, best to all!

    • Your cost basis must therefore reflect the average price following the reverse and 5.5 share option. That's $3.25/share, 800,000 shares. I respect you were a player in that deal. Any more info. you can share?

    • <<Were you part of Forstman-Lief?>>
      No, but on their major player list.

      <<Where's Grossman now?>>
      I don't know.

      <<Any thoughts you can share. Perhaps J. Chaus was hardly the bad person in his leaving.>>
      He was fired from Armani for the same basic reason he was fired from Chaus. The owners won't let go. They don't want independent managers, they're egocetric and can't keep their hands off the strings
      Note the below report re his 10 month release from Armani including two other top executives. Sound familiar?
      " In February, Andrew Grossman, the man Armani hired 10 months earlier to oversee U.S. operations, was asked to resign. Industry insiders say Grossman's middle-market thinking clashed with Armani's. In March, Matthias Vriens, the creative director Armani hired last July, took a job at Gucci. And then in April, Armani's managing director and key deputy, Giuseppe Brusone, made it known he would be leaving after 15 years with the company."

    • Were you part of Forstman-Lief? Where's Grossman now? After "leaving" Chaus he went to Ammani. Left there only 6 months latter to "spend more time with his family". Any thoughts you can share. Perhaps J. Chaus was hardly the bad person in his leaving.

    • Not sure of my cost basis because of the 200K share sales over the years. But, I did buy 800K shares at the offering at $1.43. I've been involved with several "big hitters" on other reorgs, but this was the first time I was flat out crossed.
      Here's a brief summary. After Bernie died, Josephine tried to run Chaus (during the good years) and continuously and naively made personal loans to finance the company. When she got up to $40M in company debt, the interest on the debt was equal to 100% of the operational profit. Since she owned about 80% of the stock and the earnings were always going to be zero (with the interest burden) her equity was essentially valueless with almost no hope of ever going up. The restructuring was arranged to exchange her debt for additional equity which eliminated the company interest which would then generate positive earnings which in turn boost the stock so we would all be able to sell at a higher price. It was Josephines escape hatch and "we financial experts" tagged along for the right. We were all going to go out the same door together. As I said earlier, the stipulation was that Andrew Grossman a seasoned professional be CEO. After she fired him, the company went steadily down from about $230M to $100M in sales, and has been unable to generate any earnings, even without the debt burden, which is why we're here at 20 cents.
      P.S. Josephine got hurt the worst, by far.

    • What is your cost basis of 600K , now 400k shares? Are they from the $1.45/share reverse?

    • that's very good to hear! the best to all of us!

    • <who am i to complain about your right to free speech. you think dredging up and complaining about ancient history is worth your time? knock yourself out. >

      ok..from this day forward what is the company going to to position itself to noticed by the street...I hope it's more than renewing a existing supplier agreement....

      And I'll even go one step more bashing from 'bout you gatr? Personally, I don't think it will make one iota difference in the stock price.

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