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  • fishfryer527 fishfryer527 Jan 22, 2010 1:48 PM Flag

    Retard Talking

    obama is giving a speach, S&P was down 7 when he started, now down 10.5, now down 11.22, the man needs to shut the hell up.

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    • President Obama is a cum laude graduate of Harvard and a constitutional scholar. Refering to him as a retard is offensive and makes you sound like one.

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      • believe his grades and test scores are sealed. have a credible link?
        regardless, NO ONE should be referred to as retarded--harvard graduate or not.

      • A distinguished scholar from Harvard, Huh? Perhaps, but I don't know that and neither do you. If Obama would just release his academic records then we could settle this. But, and perhaps you are not aware, the first executive order that Obama signed after his inauguration was an order that SEALED ALL OF HIS RECORDS, ACADEMIC AND OTHERWISE GOING ALL OF THE WAY BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL. So, please SPARE us with these baseless assertions about his talent as a scholar.

      • harvard is the reason we're in this mess

        wall st is FILLED with harvard scumbags

        anyone who admires harvard obviously has low self esteem and admires them just as retards admire britany spears et al

        there is NOTHING admirable about the arrogant silver spoon inbreds graduating harvard

        harvard vs street smarts? street smarts wins 100 out of 100 times

        henry paulson - harvard
        bernanke - harvard
        g dubya bush - harvard
        disgraced harvard president who resigned - lawrence summers

        ivy league elitists are pure trash

        obama wins nobel peace prize LOL

        if he attends a college football game does he win the heisman trophy?

      • When the president blames the 'fat-cat bankers' for the problems that mortgage lenders created, he is a retard. When the president backs a stupid plan like 'cash for clunkers' that only helped Hyundai and Honda, he is a retard. When a president creates policies that EXTEND the recession, he is a retard.

        Bite me Joe. This president is anti-business and anti-american. He is angry about something and he is taking it out on all of us. If you can't figure out what I am saying, then you just may be retarded too.

    • You must long for the days of W.

      Wow, so do I.

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