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  • pupu0495 pupu0495 Apr 24, 2012 8:42 AM Flag

    Fed's only mandate

    expand Fed balance (what rewinding? lol, dream on, not gonna happen!) and eventual destruction of dollar. enough said...

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    • take a look at daily and weekly UUP. UUP is at the edge of a cliff and looking down. just need a little bit of Ben's push down the cliff. Ben for sure will push UUP down the cliff...

    • The FEDs mandates are simple, they are to simply keep the Pozi scheme going, re-elect whatever bozo is in the whitehouse by keeping people happy by giving them money and to make themselves indispensable.

      The fist mandate is self explanatory. The second is easy to figure out, under bush. They print money to help the war effort and make rich guys even richer, under Obama, he prints money to give to the poor to get them motivated to vote.

      By making side deals with banks and creating convoluted instruments, keeping data like M3 and real gold reserves secret, and creating bust cycles makes them important.

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