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  • stockrep2003 stockrep2003 Jan 27, 2004 10:39 PM Flag

    Just a reminder......

    Since ONCY subject matter is hard to come by in these days of no news, maybe a quick reminder as to what we are up to here as ONCY investors. We are funding pioneering cancer research that could positively affect millions of families around the world. If Reolysin is the real thing, what can you compare it to? Defeating Nazi Germany? The polio vaccine? I dunno, but there would be very few things that would stack up IMHO.

    Let's not forget what the real benefit can be if Reolysin is approved someday. Yes, we all want the financial wealth that comes along with a successful NDA and the sales that will follow. I look forward to that too. WE all do. We are investors!

    However, the last 3 months of my life has put this whole waiting game into perspective. If these guys in Calgary are going to get it right the first time, with what could be a monumental cancer treatment, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and wait for whatever time it takes for them to cover all the bases. There is simply too much on the line to screw it up. And I don't mean our invested dollars. I'm talking about the lives of millions of cancer patients, future cancer patients and their families. If / when they are successful, millions of people could be spared the ravages of a very evil disease. That's HUGE!!

    As some of you know, my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer about 3 months ago. A few weeks prior to that, she was walking 3-4 miles per day; 4-5 days per week and had done this for years. Truly a picture of health at 65 years of age. Sadly, in just 12 weeks or so, cancer has put her and her family through a living hell. She has had a round of chemo, several rounds of radiation; dozens of scans, tests and Lord knows how many shots, pokes and prods!! You want to hear some good news now and then. Initially, you have some optimism, you aggressively seek out the best treatments. In our case, that optimism faded pretty fast. Instead, you learn that the cancer has been found in her spine; a week later she finds 2 lumps on her breast. A week later, it's found in her brain; a week later in her bones; a week later, you rub her back to comfort her and you feel many tumors on her back that feel like little marbles just beneath the skin. You see her not eating, and the drawn appearance she takes on from what is basically malnutrition. I could go on and on with some of the ugly things we have experienced. It's a reality I never knew existed.

    (continued on the next post)

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    • Stockrep,

      I'm sorry to hear the bad news. All the science in the world can't beat cancer but hopefully, one day, the win will be on our side.

    • You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers since you first mentioned your Mother's diagnosis a few months ago. I have followed your posts on the board and you have always remained upbeat and sensible, especially during this dry spell of ONCY news and the restless natives and naysayers on the board. All my best, SNF

    • stockrep, for what it's worth, my mother died of cancer only 4 months ago and all of your experiences ring very true and clear to me. good luck over the next few weeks..if i may be so bold as to make a suggestion, please make sure your mother knows how you feel about her as you may never have another chance to tell her of your love. best of luck to you and your family.

      i'm sure many of us have similar stories; very few families are free of cancer.

    • Today, Mom is in a nursing home, completely incapacitated, with what the docs say is 2-3 weeks left in her life. Our family is there with her, taking shifts around the clock, trying to make her comfortable (which is why you haven't seen me posting much lately). We have private care givers hired in her room 16 hours per day to give the family a break, but one or more of us is usually there anyway. It truly sucks and it's totally unfair for this to happen to someone as sweet as my Mom!! But it's cancer!!

      Cancer is beyond any evil I have ever known. When you watch someone you love very much literally whither away in such a short period of time, you are without words; you are asking for the nightmare to end and you tell yourself every day that this isn't happening.

      I honestly don't mean to sensationalize this post, but it is the reality of this dreadful disease. My story is probably very similar to many million other families who are dealing with cancer.

      I guess the point I want to make tonight is this: I would suggest to anyone totally frustrated with management's slow pace, to focus less on the time it will take for the riches to come your way, and more on the human benefit that you are helping to provide as an early ONCY investor. If Reolysin is the real thing, the riches that we as investors and these guys in Calgary will provide the for hearts of many sons, daughters, Moms, Dads, brothers and sisters of cancer patients is truly priceless! And the patients, they get to live out their lives. Also priceless.

      Our wealth as early shareholders will take care of itself and we'll have a hell of a party!!

      In this news vaccuum, would it not be appropriate to bring some perspective to the board on the disease itself? I would be interested in knowing of other's stories while at the same time, helping to educate those who do not know cancer first hand. In time, news will come and we will again discuss all the stuff we normally discuss. But we can't forget the real benefit that will result from our investment in ONCY.

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      • Sorry to hear your mom's story... My thoughts and prayers are with your family tonight.

        This is why the FDA needs to do everything it can to bring life saving technology to market as fast as can be done safetly. I suggest that the NCI has been enlisted to clear the way for the most promising candidates.

      • SR,

        Very sorry to hear about your mom. It is incredible to hear about how fast the disease is spreading, and I am saddened that Reolysin is not available to help her in her fight.

        I had a couple of posts last week that expressed my frustration at the lack of news, but for the most part that was not for concern of my investment. I really want to see this breakthrough commercialized asap to help all the people suffering out there. I am a cancer survivor - 6 years in Feb - and do have knowledge of what a toll this disease takes. Luckily I had a very treatable type, but that still meant chemo and radiation, with all the side effects that come with it. I developed a much greater sense of empathy for people that have suffered due to this disease. I often think about the familiar faces I saw in the "chemo room" or the waiting room, and the people I met who just got diagnosed and upon seeing my bald head would ask me just what they were in for. I am sure many of them are no longer alive.

        So I am optimistic that ONCY will be successful and will save millions from the suffering. And I pray for your mom.

      • My heart goes out to you, your mom and family. Reading your two posts brought tears to my eyes and the dreadful memories of watching my dear husband die from cancer 10 years ago. I know your pain, frustration, and yes, anger when you see someone you love go through this hell. It's like living through a horrible nightmare in which you only exist from day to day. You, your mom, and family are in my prayers.


      • stockrep2003 : I was very moved by your post. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. I hope that through all of this, peace will comfort your Mom, you and all of your family. That is my prayer.


      • Thanks for the post Stockrep,

        I lost my mother to cancer many years ago. Cancer came in and immediately defeated her, and the chemotherapy, at that time, was terrible and seemed more like an experiment than a cure.

        It was a particularly hollow experience as the family had no time to prepare. I was neither prepared for the shock, nor for the necessary emotional and spiritual caring that was required.

        I am encouraged by your personal story of how your family has come together at this time. That's so important.

        Thanks for sharing this painful but very human face of the science and business.


      • Sorry to hear the sad story about your mom. I just lost a loved one to cancer. I share your hopes that our investment will make a difference in millions of lives. Guess the fear is greater than the greed on this investment. We all don't want to suffer from such a horrible disease.

      • I was sad and angry reading your account of your mother's suffering.
        My anger stems from my belief that business does dictate way too much regarding approval of potential therapies. The existing protocols have to profit the founders/owners enough before new better protocols can be allowed...sure, sure, "we have to protect the public" from those who would steal from the innocent and create false hope etc. etc.? Hey give me a gamble for something better rather than an expensive guarantee of a painful death. Oh, but attorneys will tell you how much liability there is with that approach. So let the patient and family waive those law suit potentials and give them a chance to live, thanks to a new treatment, or at least rapidly advance the discovery of improved treatments. Notice that treatments that cost little never get attention...who would profit? Hundreds of documented cancer patients have water fasted until the body consumed the cancers, and they returned to health. No money to be made there.
        I invest in few bio tech because of my strong bias about such issues...ONCY is as natural of an approach as there is that main stream BUSINESS will embrass and permit to prosper in our society.

        I am sorry if I flame your own pain Stockrep.
        I hope lots of People who are willing to use their wealth for just causes, make fortunes and make some differences that begin to change these dynamics in our world. The gap between the wealthy and the poor must be bridged to accomplish that...and that is not by taking down the rich, but by understanding that there is room for everyone to do better and to have better. Then we have to face the question of birth control at a new level, or discover the wormholes that will transport us to other healthy planets.
        Blessings to us all!

      • Stockrep, that sounds so horrible, I'm very sorry to hear and I hope for the best for your mother.

        As far as ONCY, yes it does feel good to be a part of something that has the potential of becoming a potent weapon in the battle against cancer, and thanks for the reminder. I also agree that it should be done RIGHT, and not done quickly to satisfy anxious investors. (message to myself as well, as I tend to get anxious just like many others)

      • On another board a poster pointed me to this website:

        It' essentially a journal of a family in Calgary (Andrew and Judy Wark) dealing with Andrew's brain cancer (glioma). He had his first symptoms on New Years Eve 2002/2003 and died a mere 6 days ago (Jan 22, 2004).

        It's an incredibly moving and powerful story. Start from the beginning in January 2003 and read your way through. Dr. Forsyth, who is the lead investigator for the reovirus glioma trial, is also mentioned. The heros are Andrew and Judy and their children, but what an ordeal to go through. You can't read the story of this wonderful and loving family dealing with this brutal and cruel disease and not be moved. My dad is dying of cancer as I write and boy does this story ring true.

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