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  • oncy_luver oncy_luver Feb 8, 2006 1:35 PM Flag

    despicable II


    enough is enough and armedncrazy has crossed the line to hate speech that should not be tolerated on any civilised board. below is the complaint sent.

    and remember, lifeisveryfunny claims to be close to armedncrazy and has repeatedly refused to disavow the homophobic and now increasingly racist posts of armedncrazy.

    >>Please examine this poster's pattern of homophobic and racial slanders. It is despicable and has driven many viewers away from this board. This poster repeatedly uses obscene language in addressing other posters (specifically "shit" and "shitheads"), makes many references to bestiality and sodomy and has now started to include profoundly offensive racial insults in his posts, as in the one below.

    This is wholly unacceptable and must be dealt with as the posts border on hate speech attacking racially distinct groups and brings disrepute on Yahoo for allowing this poster to continually violate the terms of service of this board.

    If you do not, I will forward our correspondence to the appropriate advocacy groups in order to make them aware of the hate-speech (i.e. calling africans cannibals) that you have allowed to fluorish on this board.

    This topic is deleted.
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