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  • rjc2827 rjc2827 Nov 29, 2009 2:02 PM Flag

    If I might intrude ...

    If I might intrude …

    I don’t normally get involved in this sort of stuff, yet here I am. This board has, at times, been exceptionally valuable as a source of facts, opinion, and speculation. I have benefited from the discussions here over the years and (perhaps surprisingly) even from the ONCY related dissent. I do not want to lose the important role that this board plays in introducing most new ONCY investors to the stock, to Oncolytics the company, and to the great potential of the science.

    To those that are the early participants in the dominant discussion here since Friday afternoon; congratulations … you have surely turned back new arrivals to the ONCY story from using this site as a useful site for ONCY-related DD. It is not always easy to take over a board so successfully, but you have done it. You have my respect … not for the content, or for your intent, but for your skill in pulling this off. For the few driving this, you in turn owe a big thank-you to the others that have joined in. Without them … well, I suppose that without them, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

    In the past, and often for extended periods of time, this board has offered valuable ONCY related content. Today that opportunity is not available.

    Opinions can be valuable, and I certainly have my own. Facts can be valuable too, and I’m not short on them either. It’s how facts and opinions are presented that can cause problems, and diminish the value of both.

    It was during a dysfunctional time like this (but with totally different content) that the oncyV2 board was created almost 5 years ago. It is disappointing to see the confirmation that we have now, that the oncyV2 board continues to be required.


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    • For what it's worth... I agree with the original posting. I often come to the board looking for any new information that will make me feel more or less comfortable with my investment... only to find that this board appears to be a political forum instead of a stock or science forum. So while I appreciate everyone's passion for these political issues... it seems that there are many places on the internet that one can go to discuss, rant and rave about those subjects. To the point... let's stay on point. I know though it's tough... someone out there baits people with a sensitive subject and it's ever so tempting to respond. But those folks are probably best ignored because it ultimately makes having this stock message board a worthless medium when there is little or no information to be found here regarding the actual company. Just my humble opinion.

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      • All right Michael. Let see where it takes us. Talk investment and ONCY only. Well ,no ONCY news, unless we create it ourselves. If we count on news the board will die. We find different ways to band together to keep it alive. Investment. OK, let see what I remember(old age and all)to make it interesting to read.
        The most common mistakes traders repeat over and over. First, they buy after a period of buying and sell after a period of selling, which is late and high risk.
        Second, they buy into areas of resistance(supply) and sell into areas of support(demand),which always is a low-odds trade. I have these two rules in large print pinned to my chalk board.It is the basis of supply and demand.
        Before following these rules, it is necessary to first understand exactly how money is made trading ANYTHING. Additionally ,it is important to learn how to properly analyze the supply/demand and human behaviour relationship(emotion) in the market at any given time.
        Wow, I like patronizing! I am on a roll.
        Further it's important to discover how to do things wrong in an effort to learn how to do something right, 'cause the focus is always on The LOSER.- what the majority of losers do over and over. And benefit from that. It worked for Plato and Aristotle( but not for D2:). The only way we can make money buying something is if someone buys what we have at a higher price. Sounds simple? Think again. If you view a screen-based chart you quickly see that the actions of the majority of traders and investors are completely backwards on this concept. One need not look past candlesticks and volume to identify an emotional opportunity in the form of supply and demand imbalance......
        Oh...darn. There is nothing about ONCY in all that. No News, no Predictions(sorry gerald), not even a whiff of molecular science(I would leave that to D2/V2 lurkers). haaaaa...I was kidding. If you follow the above rules who knows you may make a nice living trading..ONCY..KERX...SLV:)???
        What was that about Afganis.........:)??????

    • No you can't "intrude" Don't come here trying to stifle our 1st amendment right to free speech!

      Post on your moderated (censored) pumper board. Don’t come here telling us what to say.
      HOW DARE YOU? Any v2er’s post anything here about ONCY lately. So your POS v2 board is useless unless you want to be bored.

    • on second thought I agree with your position and appologize for jumping into the other discussion. My bad.

    • "In the past, and often for extended periods of time, this board has offered valuable ONCY related content. Today that opportunity is not available."...surely you can't be suggesting that this discussion is taking up so much time on the board, and posters are posting with such unbelievable frequency, that nobody else has a chance to post anything about Oncolytics Biotec?. Hardly ANYONE ever usually posts here all weekend! Lighten up.

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