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  • bthasbeenwrong bthasbeenwrong Mar 11, 2010 3:16 PM Flag

    key TA moment approaching...

    ... again brought to the MB courtesy of me and not the fraudster pump/dump jump and tout/out shout gang.

    .. gap on ONC.TO formed i believe at $3.61, this will serve as either resistance or support...

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    • hasbeen "yapping weigh over his pinhead again:"

      Weigh? Bwahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaa!
      such a MORON!!

      Just a typo dolt?
      Mink :0)

    • " TALK ALEX yamming on about TA, but this is the same goofball, cowtowed by yahoo, red nekk who was touting the collapse of the yankee economy, touting the collapse of the US$, complete global economic shite storm and well...

      ... let me see stock markets are rising fast.... ONC is rising fast... US$ is rising fast..."

      You must have World Monopoly Game in the Outhouse.
      Month or two ago I recomended EUO. If you are too stupid to look it up, ask somebody here. Does that sound like $US going down. Well US dollar is going down too, just the EU are too stupid to realise that Europe is The Balkans. They are about to. That won't save the buck.

      stock markets rising fast. HeeeeeeeeeeeHe. Every month for the last 11 months the Fed's have been buying the S&P futures at $16B a month. That is about to change. Thanks to Chinese. They stopped buying bonds. How fast is fast? Don't tell that to Bernanke. The Idiot is so panicked soon he will preach Greene's bible. There goes the buck. $9T new GOV debt between now and 2020. HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHa. On top of private debt that can't be serviced by flipping hamburgers, reading for idiots at social seminars and building Moskvitch at government operated GM. But you are the average idiot. You are like broken cell phone: doesn't receive, doesn't transmit, at least nothing of use.

      " complete global shite storm.."
      And more. The Chinese have started to unload a shitload (haaaaaaa) of metals and are loosing on oil contracts they accumulated to put the world in check( can't service the crap in the ground or above).Guess what? There is so much oil Saudi's and Venezuella are selling just enough to support their rotten economies and are losing the battle. So is everybody else in the oil producing business sans the big OIL cats-the mighty middle man. That doesn't mean rising economies, moron. You unload basic metals , that says a lot(of course not to you)
      Oh, I see:
      " ONC is rising fast..."
      You shopping for green stamps? HaaaaaaaaaaHa. Everybody here knows assbeen the idiot. You have been the joke on this board forever. Somebody like you wallowing in shit can't smell the shit smeared on him.
      I never tried to be anybody's friend, confidant, advisor, unless I was asked. I did it deliberately to avoid "the control the board" crap you wrote. There are posters here I don't agree with on subjects of interest, but I respect, for the integrity they bring with them. You moron, can tatoo yourself all over with : Let me kiss your ass Alex! you will still be the worm you are now. Idiot.

    • Oncolytics Biotech, Inc. Closes Up 5.75% by Market Close; ONCY
      Thursday, 11 March 2010 04:22
      Oncolytics Biotech, Inc., (ONCY) moved 5.75% today which may indicate a breakout to the upside. This stock is considered a penny stock by traders because it is priced at less than $5 a share. Penny stocks, like Oncolytics Biotech, Inc., (ONCY) are interesting because price breakouts can turn into very large rallies on a percentage basis over the short term.

    • IMHO... I believe the resistance is at $3.50. Once it climbs over that, much less less resistance to climb to $4 at that point. $3.50 is the magic number IMHO

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