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  • ifandonlyif2012 ifandonlyif2012 Jul 20, 2012 5:14 PM Flag

    Anyone own more than 50k shares on this board?


    H&N pending data is very much a do or die for the company. Wish you all luck. 58k shares on personal account. Almost 5k shares on retirement.

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    • Oh yeah, you invest like a little girl, so there.

    • I am ALL-IN.

    • Six percent is not a lot. You invest like a little girl.

    • Again, if you watch that Buffet video I sent you'll see that he says if you really invest professionally and really understand the stocks then your top stock should be about 50% weighted, and you shouldn't have more than 6 stocks total. Of course, Buffet likes to pick stocks defensively, meaning ones that have a very low chance of loosing money.

      So I'm confortable being 30% invested. If I loose 30% so be it, but I may make much more than that.

    • I am betting...just not the farm (but a lot).

    • " I've seen little old ladies crying at the casino exit at 2:00 am.."

      Yeah? And I have seen big grown man crying like little old ladies because they didn't bet on the horse they liked the best.

    • I don't expect anyone to listen to me. I want ONCY to go to $100 like the next guy but shudder when I hear that someone has 30% of their net worth tied to one speculative stock. I've seen little old ladies crying at the casino exit at 2:00 am...

    • You surely don't expect posters to run out and sell shares to conform to your six percent? Most posters here are veterans of ONCY wars and have their shares set in stone. HaaaaaaaaaaaaaHa.
      You guys are not serious, are ya? That little theater of yours sounds like a group therapy session, supervised by the cleaning lady from Kenny's office. Subject:" touching on investment insecurities". Does the number of shares held by the next guy give you some comfort or psych support? This is cyberspace. For all you know you are talking to OJ Simpson or Bernie Madoff. But, if this may help some of you: as of last friday I have in Roth 156.789 shares at $1.49 avg. Don't ask me about the last four digits on the shares. My better half has this little hang-up about numbers. She likes combinatorial enumeration It's a fixation ... I have a word for a way like your fixation with what Buffet says.(HaaaHa). But I like her's better.

    • I said I was inconsistent because I own 6% of my worth in this stock. I just shudder about someone saying they own 30% of their net worth in any stock. Having owned WorldCom who's earning were too good to be true (and guess what, they were!) ... I have my guard up on a stock where multiple contingencies (and many of them negative) can occur.

    • Well, I posed a different question a while back: What proportion of your total net worth do you own in ONCY. Its a bit less personal of a question than the absolute value! ;)

      I'm at about 10-15% of total net worth in ONCY, ~3.8 per share average.

      These past few weeks have been an almost daily pondering of whether to add or not. Adding means a bigger payday or even more exposure. I'm 80% sure things will go well, but who knows....

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