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  • speeddog23 speeddog23 Jul 22, 2012 8:29 PM Flag

    Data Soon?

    It has been a month since the data committee last met and almost a month since the data was available for analysis. I am hoping that they meet this week and we get some updates on events. Is it better to be an optimist and face disappointment or a pessimist and be pleasantly surprised?



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    • >>... Also, most of potential partners already have access to REO the trial data since they provide the co-treatment chemo..<<

      I could be wrong but I don't believe they have any more or any earlier access to the blinded data than we do. (i.e., zip). And, if you remember, both arms get identical carbo/tax treatment.

    • Sorry, don't follow your conclusions! Can you elaborate? Aren't you jumping to conclusions?

    • There isn’t going be a partnership… BT and the BOD just voted $150M of ONCY shares into the company treasury, to ensure there is no hostile takeover. To me that means they have already said NO to all tendered offers. Also, most of potential partners already have access to REO the trial data since they provide the co-treatment chemo. This will take a few more years to work out. $100/sh in three years. Stay long and strong...!

    • Maybe buyout/partnership in discussion. They will release both news at the same time.

    • Oh, gosh! Finally your turn has come. I have ignored you for a long time...................
      "I know for some, ie armed, BT is his Joe Paterno...forever enshrined with statue proudly displayed between his fanatic eyes.."
      Naaaah, never cared for Paterno, being a Michigan fan, but it appears Paterno and his pervert buddy had left a deep impression in your underdeveloped psyche. Are you acting up on these impressions come dark? I guess limiting internet access to village idiots is an ongoing problem with cyberspace.
      Are you sure you have what it takes....????

    • "But (if you'll allow me a personal opinion) if you've held 100K+shatres of a one product startup biotech all these years while believing it was run by incompetents, you're an idiot."

      HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHa. Yes, he certainly is that, an idiot. But you don't believe he has 100K+ shares??? LOL.No, you don't. It was a rhetorical reference to his idiocy.
      But let me qualify my contention that misery is to idiocy as sniveling is to a coward.

      "It is never too late to rid a company of an inept CEO!"

      That's the bottom line ,the essence of his existence on this board. But following his reasoning(LOL) and taking into consideration that 90% of new drug candidates fail, then every CEO in charge of the failed projects is an inept CEO.
      Could miseryman's own failure as an investor(Synsorb) be the determining factor in his obvious bias toward BT? Of course it is. The dimwit is forced to live with his parents again. Actually it is two dimwits, miseryman and bthasbeen, as the idiot jumps between the two characters like a fly from one pile of dung to another. Someone said:

      " was quite a shot in the head to do the album and then have it shot down by nonmusical idiots."

      miseryman insists on superior ability to run ONCY,as is his other idiot nic hasbeen. Both idiots couldn't run 50 yards without dropping dead.

      " I'm all in favor of the democratic principle that one idiot is as good as one genius, but I draw the line when someone takes the next step and concludes that two idiots are better than one genius."

      Miseryman, you and your nic hasbeen are these two idiots. Others may step in for your defense, they will say that you may be incompetent fools instead, but on the matter of ONCY's success, the difference is irrelevant.

    • It is never too late to rid a company of an inept CEO! My belief that the science would reach a point of no return and a BLA would "finally" be approved but not necessarily ONCY. A buyout can still happen if the efficacy is shown in the H&N, even with the very questionable disregard for prescreening ... and how will the Kras and the HPV data be integrated into the SPA?

      The inconsistent statements by BT the inept are very curious. Did BT lie about the go/no go or was he just simply ignorant as to the timeline in the SPA? A year ago BT the inept told us that they were coordinating the cGMP for Reolysin with the FDA and now he tells us that they are still working on the process ... is this another lie or just plain ignorance? And now the go/ no go for trial continuation would be forthcoming shortly … I guess my shortly is not BT’s.

      This message board has so many "gurus aka, jerks" that pretend they know something. There are some like "taltell, matdu, geneman and the other one escapes me", that post helpful information and what I consider legitimate insights. And then we have D2 as one pompous aa $$ and amdjerk is a real sicko! There are others who are as ignorant but I will leave it to the top two. Of course I need mention Gestapo boy aka sodhead as being just plain ignorant … he can’t help what he does or says.

    • I think they answer 'crap' statements like this because there's a grain of truth in them. I know for some, ie armed, BT is his Joe Paterno...forever enshrined with statue proudly displayed between his fanatic eyes, but for others BT is a bumbling idiot whose most effective skill in the final anaylsis is squeezing an undeservedly high rate of pay for a third rate player such as he is. No shame in that. Greed still counts as a virtue for many and in this Brad shines between the missed conferences and sub par efforts to get the Reo story out.

    • "If you are suggesting the the collection of the data is haphazard you make my point ... BT is inept and should be fired by the BoD! Of course this wont happen since BT is also the COB and has his band of "nerry clowns" at his disposal.

      If we had a competent CEO we would have a share price in the 30's. "

      Guys, I honestly don't know why you bother to answer crap statements like this!!! All he/she is doing to rile you up and respond.

    • I believe patients will be considered PD when they are unblinded so it only makes sense to wait as long as possible to unblind. Corrections welcome.

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