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  • oncypost oncypost Nov 14, 2012 1:49 PM Flag

    Ball departure redux

    We're all obviously speculating on the departure of Ball as CFO. Seems to me there's a good chance that the appointment of Tuchman as Chief Medical Officer might have caused friction. Tuchman comes to ONCY with an investment fund background. One can only imagine that there may be more than a few differences of opinion with an existing CFO over strategic options for the company. As to whether it's good or bad news for all of us, that remains to be seen. Hopefully Tuchman is there because he sees an extraordinary opportunity. And, it's true that other companies like Dendreon have taken a beating in a lead up to good news. Some rays of light from the Phase III trial could do a lot to turn things around.

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    • I agree with your argument but in the interest of accuracy would like to remind all that "saline" and "placebo" (seen referenced on other posts) are not involved in this trial. The control arm is getting paclitaxel and carboplatin, aka SOC.

    • Just a couple of points; H&N as originally designed failed, those with out emotional attachment to ONC/Y had all sorts of flags go up. Reo fails as a mono drug, Reo has yet to move the ball forward more than a few weeks in combo. Mets is up to bat and we do not know if the better health of the patients explains the longer SD ONC/Y saw in the H&N review. Now we are waiting for many more months with no news likely for a good while. Share price will continue to get hammered till something really changes.

      How old is Ball?


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      • Bridger48-FAILED??? How do you come to this conclusion? Look,I want the short term price to come Way off to so I can a boat load more(like another 100,000 shares) prior to year end and news in the new year but to suggest the phase III a failure-Wow. Brad was able to convert the phase III into TWO phase III trials. Not one ...but Two, at very little cost but a few months time. Oh,and by the way...I think that Mets market may be a tad larger than niche market in failed H&N but we have a shot at both! If both fail then you may still recover 50 cents as Brad sells out the rest of the program. Just my opinion but I think that now...right now.... is the Best time to invest in this baby bio since going public.

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      • emailed you.

      • Bridger wrote "H&N as originally designed failed"....

        Nonsense! Neither you nor anyone else, including ONC and the clinicians, know the unblinded results yet. Could be that it succeeded on local and distal tumors. The point of the delay is to give them the possibility of more than one way to proceed successfully.

      • Bridge
        Did you see the article about can a virus beat the mets Oncy put out today? I am starting to think the company is trying to steer people away from the local treatment of head and neck and get everyone focused on mets. I'm guessing but i get the feeling the control group is performing better in the local and they are just not getting the numbers they are looking for. They did see something with the mets patients but there are so few that would it be at all significant? I wish we had partnered years ago. I would rather have some cOmpany left than none at all which is the rate we are going.

      • How old is Ball? Good point, I was going to raise the issue. Good golly, people change jobs, wives natter about you promised we would do... when you retire. For crying out loud, there has been no negative news and negative news has to be reported.



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    • what a doncypost..

      .. so let me get this right balless who was the clowns right hand jerk for well over 10 years is suddenly usurped by some CMO... oh man that is too funny...

      .. as likely is that ONC can only have so many senior execs who have never brought a therapy to market, they drew straws and balless got the lucky get of jail card...

      ... here is summin of interest the "coffeyboy" is now on the BoD... that is to me far more intriguing than the CMO crappola... maybe coffeyboy needed board experience and balless objected to his removal from the BoD... far more plausible than the CMO crap you are spewing..

      .. you fraudsters what a joke..

    • looks like gill knew what he was going when he sold his options.

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      • "looks like gill knew what he was going when he sold his options.

        "If Gill traded on insider information he made himself criminally liable (all for a gain of app $22,000). I'm sure he'd risk his large salary for that ---NOT. And if he traded on insider information then why didn't he sell all of the shares that he exercised?
        He exercised 55,000 on Sept 28th and sold them all by Oct 5th.
        He exercised and additional 32,000 on Oct 9th and is holding onto these shares.

        Stop the nonsense posts please.

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