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  • carrivechio carrivechio Nov 23, 2012 4:45 PM Flag

    ONCY closes today on the NASDAQ @ $2.21

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    13:05:58 Q 2.21 0.08 100
    13:05:58 Q 2.21 0.08 100
    13:05:58 Q 2.21 0.08 100
    13:05:58 Q 2.21 0.08 100
    13:05:58 Q 2.21 0.08 100
    13:05:58 Q 2.21 0.08 100
    12:59:51 Q 2.21 0.08 100
    12:58:31 Q 2.2299 0.0999 1,100
    12:58:31 Q 2.23 0.10 100
    12:50:05 Q 2.22 0.09 100

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    • Some massive trade went through at the bell. The close was 2.17. Less than two weeks to the 12 week scan on the last patient. After that they will only have about 50 of the patients from the study still on treatment. About 5 of these will be in the control arm. I still anticipate that we will not hear about data until late feb or march at earliest. They may hold to unblind until February when the median OS on the control arm is established. Once that happens, there can be no appearance that the outcome was biased. I wish I bought more shares last Friday.

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      • Hi Nome: I am hoping that you can help me clarify my thoughts. The company may choose to unblind the PFS data before the 6 month OS data point in March but they would pay a statistical penalty for doing so. If they choose to unblind the data they then can use that data as support for the design of the second conformation phase III. My thinking gets really foggy at this point. I am thinking that if the OS data at 6 months is really good (I am anticipating this) that ONCY can approach the EU for approval but that approval may require solid PFS data that may not be good enough if they are penalized by looking at the data some time between mid December and mid March. So, I am seeing a trade off between a desire to get information out quickly and thus proceeding into the confirmation study asap and the other but slower option of not unblinding so that the data quality is better and thus lead to the potential of an early approval in Europe.

        My head is about to explode; please help!



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      • The close wasn't $2.17 . The attempt to manipulate the share price was at $2.17. This "at the bell" type of manipulative trading in ONCY has been suspiciously consistent on the NASDAQ and requires reporting.

        LS Time (ET) NLS Price NLS Share Volume

        13:00:00 $ 2.17 17,700
        13:00:00 $ 2.17 17,700
        12:59:56 $ 2.21 300

    • Closed at 2.28 on Tor exchange. It was down about .10 when our markets closed and then came back .06 to only down .04 after our markets closed. So it should open higher on Monday.


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