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  • bilo2win bilo2win Dec 5, 2012 8:41 PM Flag

    Why Oncolytics Biotech is poised to succeed

    I read all the posts about how all the stock chart experts and crystal ball readers don't see any future with ONCY even after all of the positive trials so far. For a small investor this is the time to get in before there are solid results. If the Phase III trials come out positive, the big guns will take over and it will be too late for the small guys. Do your due diligence, buy, and hold-on for the ride. How ironic it may be that a common virus may be the ultimate killer of cancer.... Sorry if this sounds like "War-of-the-Worlds".
    I'm in until I see the Phase III results for head and neck... esp METS.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • billyblow such a rube, the fraud squad must love fools like you..

      but here is my advice to you, if you can think critically (maybe you be a rednekked, buktoothed, billhilly like crazytrain, but who knows)

      ...a) the PIII trial has already failed; Phase a was to lead to Phase b but that ain't happening anymore... and so you should really try to understand all the implications of what happened and what may occur; at best, IMO more delays and more cash for what a smaller market than was already a small market

      b) why have a number of key execs "left" in the midst of the most critical period in the companies history; very, very disconcerting (the one guy IMO was held account for the trial problems but why did balless get replaced....)

      c) insiders dumping shares like they have never done before

      and i will always come back to this key point neither BT nor coffey have ever brought any therapy to market, never, never, never and BT has in fact a history of failure, failure, failure.

      .. put your rube boob brain to rest and give some thought

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