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  • oncyobserver oncyobserver Dec 29, 2012 1:20 PM Flag

    Slightly OT: The next hidden gem.

    I first came to ONCY over 10 years ago after reading an offhand mention on another message board. I liked the story and after some consideration bought in. I think that we are now on the brink of some wonderful news for this stock. Best of luck to all longs.
    With the advent of the new year I would like to ask those who post here if they any other recommendations of stocks that they feel deserve a look. I will do my own DD. Those who would take any opportunity to criticize someone asking such a question need not reply.

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    • check out CTIX , this pr was from Jan 24

      Research by BIDMC combined Kevetrin with sunitinib on cell line 786, a drug-resistant renal cancer. Cellceutix was advised by the researchers that "the Kevetrin/sunitinib combination is the first we've used in which actual tumor shrinkage is noted."

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    • OPXA. Interesting technology but shaky business future. Extremely high risk, but I am long because they have technology that might be game-changing, currently in a Phase2b trial for multiple sclerosis.

      You've all seen those ads for various drugs that treat diseases with an autoimmune component..... lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, psoriasis, etc. where they warn that the treatment surpresses the immune system. Yeah, well, that is no small side effect: It can lead to death. OPXA has a treatment that more specifically attacks the component of the immune system that are causing the damage without generally surpressing immune response. However, it is very much a personalized treatment, and therefore expensive. We can see from DNDN how difficult it can be to make money from personalized treatments. Keep that in mind as you do your own DD.

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      • Concluding a first look at OPXA, I am thinking about how the core competency of the BioCEO is above all else the ability to attract capital on attractive terms.

        Given this capital raising ability measure, compared to management of your OPXAs, ACTCs, and MRICs, BT is a great performer.

        The OPXA technical story looks good to me, but the financial management looks, for whatever reason, disastrous.

        I've got this on my watchlist to pick up shares, but the way forward looks like ACTC style dilution.

        Before you hammer on BT, look at some of these names with promising technology but broken financials.

    • Check out SSH, HBIO

    • I too came over about 10 years ago from a suggestion on another board, though I waited until ONCY drifted down to about 2.10 before I started buying in. Here is a timing suggestion I suggest you consider. SVA is a Chinese pharm with specializes in flu shots. They tend to go up each year around Sept, through early Dec. Summer lows might be in the 2 buck range and I have seen it hit 17 bucks late in the year only to fall back in late December. The past few years have not been as dramatic but every year in prep for the flu season ... boom. (The bird Flu outbreak year was stellar for this. This particular year is a little off as they have risen much later than usual. File this away for late summer and take a look. I might take some of my vast oncy gains and put them in SVA for a few months to see if I can get another 4x gain or so. Check out their 10 year chart and it is so obvious about the cycles. As always do your own DD.... This can crash back down extremely fast in December so you need to watch, let it climb and get out... good one for loss stops perhaps.

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    • I've been watching Oramed (ORMP) for years. Not buying, just watching and waiting. This morning it leapt dramatically and I missed the bottom buy I'd been planning on for years. This is an Israeli company having some success with the oral administration of insulin. This is, of course, a huge market, as big a metastatic cancer or bigger. And, of course, the technology can be used for other applications where needles can be replaced with capsules. No idea where its going but just thought I'd throw it out there.

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    • Jennerex biotherapeutics is developing similar oncolytic viruses to ONCY, with some very promising Phase II results. Its a privately held company, but if you have substantial assets it might be worth a look before their next financing round.

      You can also get indirect exposure to their IP by buying Transgene (a French company), which has European rights to their oncovirus.

    • Just came across this one: LPTN

      Compelling early stage company.

    • LXRX

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ACTC is a stem cell name with good science, but also with legal and business problems. Thus it is a great 'watchlist' stock. If they can solve or evade the problems they have a great future. Also, one can find good DD through the search term 'rocky301', a poster on the investors hub board who has done a lot of work on ACTC.

      ELTP is a turnaround in the generic pharmaceutical space. They have made a lot of deals that will probably take effect in the coming year. Bulls think that ELTP will capture a lot of the abuse resistant opiate market -- they have an important patent that could be used for any addictive drug such as oxycodone. FDA actions are pending.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • CLSN. Top line data coming out around 1/17th for HCC Liver Cancer. Very very good odds here. Look at all the insider buying (at market price) right up to the 30 day cutoff. It is very interesting as it takes Doxorubicin crystals. when heated Lysolipid Thermally Sensitive Liposomes, or LTSL’s, are a unique liposomal technology that allows for the triggered release of a drug payload through low temperature (just above body temperature) heat activation. Used in combination with heat therapy, this concentrates therapy directly within the treatment area.

      The trial is very interesting because it isn't trying to come up with a new drug - this is a proven cancer drug - they just have a new delivery system that will concentrate the chemo at the tumor and not poison your entire body. Gets many times over the amount of chemo into the tumors. Also a very interesting thing is the trial is either Dox and RFA or sugar water and RFA. Everyone knows that DOX treatment you will lose your hair(not as much with this treatment but about 20% will). So even though it is blinded I think when management says they are very confident (and buying shares at market) - they are seeing the side effect profile. Those that are losing hair and living are the living examples of the system working.

      Look at the company Celsion website and do your DD.

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