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  • lrn151 lrn151 Jan 24, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

    How did Acuity do it.

    How did Acuity go from owning 9,667,600 shares to 2.45 million
    without the stock price rising?

    They are very sharp at accumulating without affecting the share price.

    Are they just good traders or are they manipulators ?

    They must have a lot of faith in ONCY to recently accumulate so much from so many.

    If you noticed most shares of ONCY trade in 100 share blocks.(All day long)
    even though it has such a low stock price.

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    • It is my opinion that anyone can manipulate this stock if he has a few million dollars in the bank. If he wants todepreciate sp, First, he needs to have a few hundred thousand shares in his account.He sells small lots at the bid and when it reaches the price he wants to pay, he buys the biggest lots he can lay his hands on. If he wants the s.p. to rise, he buys small lots at the ask and when the s.p reaches his goal, he sells as many shares as possible..Bottom line, he raises the price with small lots and sells big lots or he lowers thew price with small lots and buys them back as many as he can.I remember seing a movie where the young market trader told his boss it was time to buy a certain stock, that s.p. should rise in the next few hours. To show hin a lesson, he sold abig number of those shares and the s.p. plunetted. He then told his young executive, if I can do that, many others can also do it.

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    • Acuity/AGF is the same entity. They (combined) added 100K share last quater. They can't own many more shares without going over the 20% limit.

      About a week ago Acuity "mistakenly" stated that they sold 2.5 million shares last quater, but then corrected their error yesterday.

      Nothing is publically known about the institutional ownership positions after Jan 1 2013.

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      • 1 Reply to nomenome91
      • I tend to agree with D2 about that misstatement .Acuity has been buying but the PPS is dropping, they have enough shares to sell short to suppress the price( IMO they have the largest short hedge in the stock)without risk. Actually it is a win-win situation for them, Sell short to bring the price down, while very likely the shares end up in one of half a dozen of Acuity funds listed owning ONCY stock. And scoop up anything else leaving weak hands. Acuity is the manipulator, misstating quarterly reports by 2 3/4 million shares will get any fund mngr or accounting mngr fired immediately and not be given a second chance. And we have repetitive misstatements. Based on the speculative nature of our stock and expectations, we should be at about $9, keeping our powder dry. But the gunslinger Acuity won't let it happen. Why? If they have no further plans than riding the stock to profitable outcome they will not be manipulating. Ownership of more than 20% will demand an explanation. By their own investors. It is a speculative play , can't commit so much without approval by their clients. Can the clients have designs of their own. Taking over by purchasing major stake in the company at low(manipulated) price is the oldest game in town. Speculation on my part? Sure. But Acuity is not helping their case with their" innocent" accounting mistakes.
        p.s. D2, don't let it get to your little head. It is most likely a fluke on your part and you look better with a small head, plus you know the old adage: The mind -an ocean, the head -a bucket.

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    • Are you talking about 2.45 M or 24.5 M?

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