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  • drstoks drstoks Feb 14, 2013 4:29 PM Flag


    the technical are indicating a move with some fundamental impact...very strong move higher today on exceptionally strong volume with no obvious news. resistance (long term downtrend line) is at 5.00, after that it looks good to about 7, and from there the next resistance is 10. If we are close to 5 when and if good news comes out (and today's volume indicates that news may be close) then we could gap up to 7...

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    • Welcome back doc, did you hold on to any or have you been playing the swings?

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      • i've been playing the swings with moderate success. was looking for 5.00 all along, but slept in on the morning we hit 4.92...unloaded some that morning between 4.55 and 4.70 and was able to buy quite a bit back two days ago on that strong reversal day at the close at 4.05. i've been holding almost a full position (between 9 and 14K shares) for much of this rise, so I'm pretty happy. A solid positive day with no news like today is great to see and is often a harbinger of things to come...a little follow through tomorrow would be awesome, and that would set us up nicely for the next piece of news.

        Congrats to those of us that have been following this story for over 10 years, its nice to see the spotlight squarely on Reolysin. I am getting pretty optimisitic about the H&N trial at this point, but its Pancreatic that I thought had the best indication. Even if H&N fails, we will not go to 1.00 IMO as some commentators have indicated. I have about a 1.5K in puts and 4.5K in calls (that were worth just 2.5K three days ago) to go with my 12K shares. What's your strategy?

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