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  • hgff101 hgff101 Apr 30, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Scout, nome and bridgeconstructor

    I have a gut feeling these guys might be stock promoters.

    Just a feeling.

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    • I have a gut feeling this guy Huffy might be Skidmark...ER Adam F...Just a feeling.

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    • Huffy,

      Ease up on the Taco bell and your gut might feel better.

      Here, I will say something that will indicate I am not a blind pumper:

      Most of the value of this stock is tied to the success of a PIII H&N trial. This trial was designed based on a 19 patient single arm PII. The assumptions about outcomes are based on historical trials (none of which seemed to have recruited the same patient cohort they are going after). The risk in this companie's development path is almost unparalled in biotech. Any potential investor has to stay or sell based on an incredibly small PII and historical data. There will be no middle milestone to help you make up your mind (except maybe the PII north American at ASCO, and six week tumor response data).

      Huffy, what are you going to do? Sell, or hold?

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      • Thanks for some reality nome.

        Me? I consider it uninvestable and untradable from the day Matt simply announced ~oh that PFS we promised you? Never mind about that.

        The run up to the PIII debacle was good, and there was a bit of play off of the Tumour shrinkage, but in my opinion thats all there is.

        Its a coin toss on the cause of the PFS and OS in Mets between Paclitaxel, Reo, and Eastern European Trial loading or some combination of these.

        I keep the stock on my watch list and check the mb infequently. The messages this latest check are just too detached from reality for someone not to step in and remind people their life savings are based on a coin toss.

    • Huffy, You have posted over a dozen times (And said nothing) in the last 24 hours! I as an INVESTER in this company posted once after todays presentation ( A news event of interest to INVESTERS)...What pray tell are YOU promoting??? Other than your stupefying ignorance.

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    • Your gut feeling is just gas. As the saying goes, this too shall pass.


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