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  • ivanprokov ivanprokov Oct 4, 2013 7:51 PM Flag

    To those who understand the science

    The issue with mice studies for something like Reo is that it avoids the obvious issue of the human immune system and how it tends to get in the way of a virus like this. If you have immune compromised mice, no immune system to get in the way of efficacy. The problem is completely different in a human with a working immune system.

    The body's antibody response must be pretty effective at neutralizing virus particles - this must be a serious issue for these treatments, no? I guess they hope that by injecting large quantities of the virus locally that they overload the immune response. Does anyone know if they have evaluated viral load measurements during treatment? My thought would be that as the immune system gets stimulated to combat the virus it becomes more efficient at doing so (more antibodies and targeted immune responses) and the treatment will lose effectiveness with each dose.

    Any thoughts from anyone intelligent?

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    • Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Completes Patient Enrolment in U.S. Phase I Systemic Administration Clinical Trial
      CALGARY, AB, --- August 23, 2006 - Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (“Oncolytics”) (TSX:ONC, NASDAQ:ONCY) is pleased to announce that it has completed patient enrolment in its Phase I U.S. clinical trial investigating the systemic delivery of REOLYSIN® to treat patients with advanced cancers. A total of 18 patients were treated in the Phase I trial with REOLYSIN® at escalating dosages of 1x10(8), 3x10(8), 1x10(9), 3x10(9), 1x10(10) or 3x10(10) TCID(50). A maximum tolerated dose (MTD) was not reached and the treatment appears to have been well tolerated by the patients.

      Much has been learned since then. The effect of taxanes, The relationship of RBC's as carriers of the reovirus,

    • ivanprokov , Wow, 21 thumbs down and no one agrees with you. That may give you the record for the most off base post ever. Congratulations. Do some real DD and then try again.


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    • No maximum tolerated dose to date.
      Infects all cells in body.. Kills cancer cells.. Lots of progeny virus to help over long run..
      Add Chemo etc (anything?) .. Even better results..
      No-Low Level Side Effects..

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      • Getting REO travelling is the key.. Having it target cancer cells.. It's going to be amazing!.. These are sick patients in these studies.. Imagine early diagnosis and the difference in treatment from today's standard of care.. Obamacare or not.. Going to be interesting to see how much money this company is going to make..

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    • Maybe the others on this board are right, or maybe not. Anyway, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this question is sincere. It's not a dumb question, unless you already know the answer.

      The first human studies with Reolysin were done with reo monotherapy. The therapeutic results were meh. A large part of the reason that reo is now being tested mostly in combination with carboplatin and paclitaxel is because these chemo agents are immunosuppressive. The results of combination therapy have looked better. The thought was that this combination would offer reo a better chance to reach the cancer cells. That strategy seems to be working out. I know of at least one study, the Phase II H&N study in the U.K., where immune response and virus load was followed to demonstrate that point.

      However, I am not entirely convinced that the immune system is all that effective against reo. I remember one study that demonstrated that reo had evolved some fairly effective mechanisms to avoid detection by the immune system. Also, the fairly recent phase II study of liver metastases from colorectal cancer showed some impressive results. That was monotherapy, without the 'benefit' of carboplatin or a taxol. The reason that worked, the hypothesis goes, may be because the virus is cleared from circulation through the liver, and is not totally deactivated when it reaches that organ. Indeed, certain organs seem to collect the reo virus... the liver, lymph nodes and ovaries. It may be that certain organs can be treated with Reolysin without chemo added.

      I have some references for the science described above, but it's just too much effort to post them on Yahoo, where they censor messages that they detect to contain links. If you want to discuss these issues with me, meet me on the Investors Village ONCY board. I'm sure you can find it.

      Before I run out of characters.... oh, screw it.. only a couple dozen left. There's no stupid limit on message length either on IV.

    • The immune system dose kill the virus. However, the cancer cell cannot effeciently kill the virus. So, as the virus will essentially affect many cells, the cancer cells will feel the brunt of the virus.

      Will the immune system hurt effeciency? Yes it does, to some degree, however, clinical tests have shown that the immune system interrupts the treatment to a mild degree, and the treatment still is effective without serious side effects.

      The real test will be phase three trials, but for.the long term investor, risk reward in favor imo.

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    • wow you actually think this board was born yesterday. I believe you are here only to create FUD You dont fool anyone. Well maybe yourself.

    • isn't this the same ivanprokov who just joined the v2 board today and is believed to be an attorney for a big hedge fund in the big apple with the initial JV? Too funny what people will do to push their agendas?
      Nice try Jonathan.

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    • Ivan: If you care to look at the company's web site you would notice a couple of translational studies. The human body's immune system actually helps the virus improve the human condition. The company is not treating mice, it has treated over 1,000 humans. You should really start doing some DD; your time is running out very rapidly.
      Go Habs Go,


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    • Valid point Ivan.

      Have you considered that for someone who has cancer, I'm assuming they will be on some sort of chemo as first line of defence. Chemo will suppress the immune system. I'm not sure the reason the REO studies use it in combination with chemo is because of this, or it is a happy coincidence that they seem to have a benefit when used together.

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      • jon-j-dud. - if you and your collaborator had done even a moderate amount of DD you would know whether ONC has monitored blood and tumor titres and what specific synergy they realize wth carbotax in the triplet. What the MOA is. And a whole lot more. You jump in here baselessly accusing the longs of not knowing enough about what they've invested in when it's you who are the superficial ignorant babblers.

        No question if you want to play the percentages most startup biotechs will fail, even many who have successfully reached PIII. What you're ignoring (in your delusion of superior intelligence) is that more than a few make it and give the short percentage players third degree burns.

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