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  • bailey201306 bailey201306 Oct 6, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    Canada ranks 5th in the world as place to grow old - AND - 2nd overall on the health status measure

    "Not surprisingly, affluent countries such as Switzerland, the U.S and Japan were among the top 10 on the list. The worst country for people in their ripe old age was Afghanistan in 91st place. There, the life expectancy past age 60 was just another 16 years, compared to Canada where most people live an extra 25 ears, according to the index.

    Canadians can also expect to live in good health for an average of 18.3 years beyond the age of 60, compared to 18.2 years in Sweden.

    Canada ranked second overall on the health status measure, behind Switzerland, the index showed."

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    • What a joke. If you work for the post office, walk daily and need help with your knees, expect a 2 year delay. If you fear you have cancer, unless you meet the "official standards" to be tested, expect to be told you are a crackpot and get lost.

      Costs are controlled by not allowing people into the system. Once you have the cancer diagnosis, you will get the "prescribed" treatment almost immediately. We keep cost down by not letting people into the system and forcing them into the "prescribed" treatment.

      The worst part of the Canadian health system, if you disagree with the government diagnosis (or lack of one) you cannot go anywhere else as it is illegal in Canada to pay for your own health care. It is illegal in Canada for anyone to offer to help you for money. If you want a ct scan or MRI when the politicians decide you don't need it, you cannot get it. You must do what most of the well to do Canadians (and our politicians do also), go the US where you can decide for yourself what tests you want done and what treatments you would like.

      At least in the US they are leaving the private option open so Canadians who want help can still get it in the US and don't have to head to Mexico or India for a ct scan or MRI they cannot legally get in Canada.

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