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  • herexhear herexhear Oct 28, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    No favors

    Nome, D2foxes, Carmyk etc are not doing you any favors by putting Reo in the best possible light.

    While you might think d2 is negative, his role is actually to make you comfortable with any of the negative aspects. His dialogue with Nome increases your confidence in Reo.

    Of course MY posts on Reo increase your confidence as well.

    So Good luck.

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    • You are more deceitful than you claim other posters to be. You are as big a hypocrite as can possibly be. You post here under at least 3 aliases, Hgff, herexhear, and x95tobos and claim to be saving longs from themselves. You've said you read the V2 board but none of your aliases are members there, so you must have at least one more alias.

      You post here everyday, all day, even on weekends. And you have the nerve to call others Professional Posters.

      How could anyone, that has seen your constant drivel, believe anything that you say. You are everything that you accuse others of being.

      Time to come up with yet another handle to lead us all to safety.

      You are truly the worst!

    • Hex: Would you care to comment on the Apollo moon landing or the events of 911?



      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • herexkrap;
      Every time I see you post, I Google "who cares".
      My name is never on the list.

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