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  • justthefacts101 justthefacts101 Dec 9, 2000 10:52 AM Flag

    Acquistion Strategy-Call for comments

    First, let's get past the US election. I
    understand it's newsworthy and everyone worldwide has an
    interest but we need to focus on NETP on this board.
    Please no comments to this statement, let's just get
    back on track.

    On 11/29/00 2:36 pm
    18056 of 18199
    Victor wrote:

    ".....If they
    achieve profitability in 4Q 2001 they will have $75-85
    million cash left.

    NETP is a takeover target:
    apart from that it can grow by acquisition or merger.
    (Its policy is to grow by acquisition of technology or
    other companies). Other companies are also in a bad
    way, some of them have no cash, some will never be
    able to IPO, so if NETP wishes, it can pick up some
    bargains. For example Webtaggers owns proprietary software
    and NETP is its largest customer and pays it $500,000
    for a licence. Webtaggers has run out of cash and is
    disbanding and trying to sell its software. NETP could
    probably pick it up for about $1 million, in effect buying
    the company for that price."

    Subsequent to
    this post several people have challenged the cash
    position. Anyone know with the high degree of certainty
    what the cash position is at last quarters end or even
    today? Yahoo says they have $67 million in cash, or
    $2.50 per share. Am I missing something or is the stock
    price currently at $2.50? To me this means I paid $.25
    for my stock as I picked it up at $2.75. I remember
    in the early 90's when a $10,000 Dell investment
    would have returned over $1,000,000 today. NETP is no
    DELL however, NETP has the best personalization
    technology and more patents then anyone.

    I read on that Dryken Technologies competed directly with
    Dryken from what I gather has strong technology.
    Apparently WebTagger's only client was NETP, which means
    that acquiring WebTagger's client base provides no
    immediate impact to revenues although it would give them
    excellent technology and 15 patents. An acquistion here
    would prevent the technology from going to a

    I hope they are using their strong cash
    position at this time and are scooping up technology on
    the cheap.

    I would appreciate any comments on
    possible acquistions or mergers which make sense. One
    possible way to get this stock up is for those of you
    working for large companies to help NETP get into your IT
    and/or marketing departments and sell your management on
    their technology.

    You have a vested interest in
    their success. I'm sure NETP will pay you a finders fee
    if you can get them in front of your

    Comments please....

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    • The fact that Webtaggers has no customers apart
      from NETP may indicate that (a) NETP made a poor buy
      or (b) that Webtaggers is poor at marketing.

      However, let us assume that the Webtaggers technology is
      worthwhile. Your question about its value to NETP comes down
      to the price. NETP is paying $500,000 for a licence.
      Presumably, NETP wants Webtaggers to continue with enough
      staff in order to fulfil its contract to NETP and for
      the technology to finish up in the hands of a company
      that will continue to give NETP access to it.
      Otherwsie NETP has to find an alternative. (It may have
      already delayed the launch of the NETP "heads up"

      I would guess that a buy-out price of
      $500,000 to $1 million would be a good deal for NETP. Any
      price after that and NETP would have to feel that it
      could generate sales of the Webtaggers product from its
      own customer base or a new marketing effort -
      alternatively NETP would want to take Webtaggers off the market
      so that NETP could use it exclusively.