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  • TucsonInvestor TucsonInvestor Oct 3, 2003 8:41 PM Flag


    To answer some of the questions:

    1. Yes it would take months to get an article published. It would take about a month to do the research and writing, several weeks to get a magazine to commit, and then another month before it was published. It would be much faster with a newspaper. WSJ would be wonderful.

    2. I do think we could find a good editor. We could pay that person a small amount but don't ask to change the story. Editorial freedom is very important to editors. Plus it would be important for a publication like the WSJ to have an independent piece.

    We could also write letters to the WSJ giving them all the information and ask that they do an article. If they got enough good material my guess is they would be interested. The media love stories like this. Even 60 Minutes might be interested.

    Maybe we should just write our story and submit it to as many media outlets as possible and see if they will run with it.

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    • <Even 60 Minutes might be interested.>

      I have been part of a 60 Minutes piece. I was, to say the least, appalled so much I was laughing at them. Then, they actually played the piece. I wrote the producers and pointed out 16 errors. Although they fired the reporter (they did wait until her pregnancy progressed and let her resign, I kinda think), they made no changes.

      The point is, they are entertainment, not journalism, and we can get them to listen by making it entertainment. I doubt we can get anywhere if it is just news, except as a superior expose'.

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      • On Sept 14 in the WSJ SUNDAY section of the Tampa Tribune, Tom Lauricella wrote an article on the scandal involving mutual and hedge funds. At the end of the article, the following request for comment appeared:

        "Has the fund-industry investigation caused you concern about your investments? Write:"

        Suggesting that you are concerned about what hedge funds as short sellers appear to be doing to other types of investments like NFI, and further suggesting that this is an opportunity to get out in front on an ancillary scandal might pique the writer's interest. Including links to the web site and appropriate excerpts from the "Shorts" section would probably help.

    • we could all chip in and buy a page in the WSJ to get the article out there.

    • I'd be happy to write my few lines from the retail stalwart's point of view for someone who could put it all together.

      Ours is a great human-interest story...where faith and reason fight in the face of manipulation and Enron...investors fight back...not the most sophisticatd but the one that would register.