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  • chinookcook2000 chinookcook2000 Apr 30, 2004 10:57 PM Flag

    Is NFI stock over-priced?

    is this one of the resident pumpers under a new and improved handle hoping to salvage whats left? I guess I would make up a new name if I was proven as blatantly wrong as these folks were, no agenda just be carefull. I was one that got caught up in the dividend hype and broke my own trading rules of double your money sell half. I decided I could hold out for that nice divie check. Guess I was wrong cause now my divie check isn't worth near what those share would have been worth. Live and learn, pumpers come in as many guises as the bashers do, they are just not as dull.

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    • One of Chinookcook's postings a few days ago on another board.

      "Well Telcowhiz, where is this 7 bucks you�ve been promising everyone? I put all my life savings into this thing after reading your excellent posts. But now I am really thinking I was duped by a pumper like the others have said. What is really the truth Mr. Telco? How many alias�s are you using."

      Sounds like you're losing a lot of money, not to mention you seem a bit paranoid. The whole world must be one poster with an infinite amount of aliases.