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  • yando1946 yando1946 Dec 10, 2004 11:06 AM Flag

    NFI - you rode it up, you rode it DOWN

    market genius needs to cover and would love to have people sell into profits to mitigate his losses. I have only been f0llowing NFI for a couple of months and bought just in time at 42.60. Market genius and a coule of others have been consistent doomsayers and clearly have a vested interest in seeing this stock go down. There is no valid or credible posts from these guys. THE NFI site was what got me to pull the trigger. I only wish I had bought more than 500 shares.

    I am holding with a still high dividend and am fine bouncing around for quite a few years on share price. Now if the dividend ever begins to signficantly decline then I will be concerned.