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  • yando1946 yando1946 Dec 22, 2004 9:18 PM Flag

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    Exactly how much more is NFI paying out than it is making and how long has this being going on by your calculations. Please be kind enough to explain with refrence to figures that we can all check on ourselves.

    Thank you

    • Got head out for the holidays but here are the rough numbers for this year from memory.

      TI (from the trusty TI calculator at ~$9. NFI is required to pay out 90%, or $8.10. NFI will report GAAP earnings of say $4.25 this year.

      So you can see that the current pay outs on the stock doesn't reflect economic reality. Even if you just use the $6.50 or so that they have actually paid, NFI has to find the $2+ from other sources to pay the divvy, $4 if you use the required pay out.