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  • oldmanknows oldmanknows Jan 18, 2006 1:16 AM Flag

    Expect market gap down open, maybe even

    a mini-crash. Futures way down. After hours trading had huge down bias. Trading on Tokyo exchange halted as selling overwhelms system, was down 2.9% when halted. 300 billion market value lost. Asian indexes deep in the red. Better hope European bourses do better or kiss it goodbye.

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    • I think oldman was drawing attention in a polite way to some very relevant info. Japan is 13 hours behind us, which is same as 11 hours ahead. Then Europe is 6 hours ahead. So we can get a heads-up on sentiment around the world as the sun comes around. Japan tanked first then Europe tanked, only less so, so it was a reasonable prediction that the US would tank at the open.

    • I don't think I brought up the subject of normal behavior... This is the kind of vindictiveness that one would see in an emotional retard. The consistency of his posts make me believe that he is a paid basher..not just a sicko. I'm not saying he is a paid basher.. it is what I believe. Any other explanation doesn't jibe. His lack of acerbic content, the continued and constant hammering on a company that is trying to provide service, employ people and help shareholders reminds me of the way HG operates. Not ugly, but throws out fact or fiction to support his views. AT least we know what side of the fence OMK sits on.. and I hope he's sitting in a pile of fire ants.

    • << His feelings were hurt on a internet message board so he has to get even with everyone on that board - that's not normal behavior. >>

      Not only that, it doesn't work. If it did he'd be "even" by now.

    • So far for your theory.Mini-crash???Dow -0.4%.IT'S THE END OF THE WOOOOOOOOORRRRRLLLLLDDDDD

    • WHOA!!! Oldmanidiot! thanks for the info!!

      PANIC IN THE STREETS!! Japan's collapse is a reason for panic! All of NFI's fundamentals have changed overnight!!

      Thank you for returning from your shallow grave to share this news you stupid old idiot. Now go back to your hole and rot.

      No offense, of course, right jackass?

    • Oh good to be updated, most of us were reading the Berstein bears and sipping cocoa.